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Well fuck all

I ask for a Mars update, and I get this crap. The Opportunity rober seems to be having some power drainage problems. Looks like whomever it was that voted 1 week in the poll was just about on target. Damn Martians needs to quit messing with our rovers. Send some Wiper Dragons up there to lay the smack down on their butts.

Jessy, you might want to start gearing up for the memorial again.

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that makes me sad. i have photoshop ready to go, should i need it.

if they're going to keep screwing this up, then they should get busy with that moon base.


Looks like the heater switch has failed in the "on" position. If that's true, there's almost nothing they can do about it.

However, it's not TOO bad, they'll just have to budget the workload around the new power-drain. They'll just get less science out of the rover then planned.


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