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It's a rather odd sensation, being actually busy at work to the point where you don't really have time to do a lot else. Which is why the blog is delayed til now. I've been doing stuff. Of course, part of what I was doing was finding a driving range that I think I can get to at lunch, and work on my driving. I also bitched more about the lack of vision insurance I have. It sucks so badly that it is actually going to be cheaper for me to go to a practitioner that is not covered by my insurance and for me to pay full price out of pocket.

Im also rather annoyed today with all those cockmunchers that made 'get in shape' resolutions for the new year. I tried to make a reservation for a raquetball court tonight, but nothing was availible for nearly 2 hours after our usual start time. We checked two different rec centers. It's because all those fat fucks are going to be out saying 'this year will be different!' I hope this year is different for them, truly. I just dont want them to do it on what I consider my time. tards.

Since Neko doesnt have comments, I'll relate a 'sleeping through something' experience here. I was just a boy, maybe 9 years old, and it was during the Summer months in Oklahoma. We had a large attic fan, which sucks are in through the windows and out the attic, creating a nice constant and fairly heavy breeze in the house. One night, we were all merrily asleep, the attic fan chugging away nicely, when somehow, something must have blocked one of the attic vents. This prevented air from escaping properly and the pressure in the attic increased quite a bit. So much pressure built up that it actually pushed through a section of the ceiling. A section that was several feet long and a couple feet wide. It happened right above my bed, and because it was Summer, I was sleeping on top of all my bed coverings. I was not hit by any ceiling bits, most of that was left hanging from the ceiling, but I was completely covered by insulation. totally. I never even woke up til my brother started poking me.

In other news, Hedwig tickets have been reserved, and I'll soon be adding a link to Hagrok.


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