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Wet blankets

This is a fairly low traffic site. That's actually quite the exaggeration. It's a very very low traffic site. Mostly visited by the same few people over and again. There are random folk who find it accidently while looking for, among other things apparently, a 'cross-section of the penis', and I am sure that few, if any of them ever return. Over the course of a month, there will be a few hundred of the lost souls. But just because you never come back doesn't mean you can't vote in the damn poll! 1 click, boom. Yer done. You dont know what a Wiper Dragon is? Follow the link. Learn. Get sucked into this blogosphere. Getting people to vote though, I guess, is a tall order.

Not that it really matters. Im just typing away to fill some space while I wait for my ears to start peeling.


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