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Why did the chicken cross the road?

That is the question that people ask. But what they don't tend to ask is, 'Did the chicken make it across?' I'm fairly sure it didn't. I live in Texas, and I grew up for the most part in Oklahoma. As such, I'm used to seeing dead animals on the road. Dogs, cats, armidillos, turtles, and opossums are the most common. The morning though, I'm pretty sure I saw a chicken. What was more surprising was that it appeared to be ready to cook. It had no head, and no feathers. Near as I can tell, someone bought a chicken at the store, then left it for roadkill. Go figure.

Intersolar news: Spirit is just about ready to roll.

In other news, I've decided my insurance sucks because it doesnt cover dental at all, and the vision might as well be non-existant.

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I feel sorry for your lack of comments.

So here's a sympathy comment.

I hate mondays - go read my blog.


i hate mondays to - go read my blog. ohhh blog war. i really think ninsi might hate mondays more than i do.


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