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would-be anniversary

I just realized that today is the 7th of January. If I hadn't left, today would be my one year anniversay with Experian. It was the worst job I ever had. Hated it every mother fucking day, to the point that I was loathe to even speak of it. I've had other jobs I disliked greatly, but combine the pay, the commute, and the environment at Experian, and it easily tops my list of worst jobs ever held. And even though because of it, I know a hell of a lot about credit, how it works, how to fix it, and credit reports in general, I am still so glad I got out of there, I can't express the glee when I think on it.

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I dug up oily dirt at a waste oil tankyard so the EPA wouldn't shut them down. Now That was a suck-ass job.


I am currently employed at the crappiest job I've ever had. It's worse than the call center, which was at least fun and a sociological freaking adventure. This is just hell.


where do you work, amy?


An insurance company for pharmaceutical benefits. I investigate and respond to legal and regulatory complaints to keep them from going to court. But it's the corporate culture and the people the company's recruited that make it such a horrible experience. Working with morons wears me out, chile.


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