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February 2, 2004

drinking on Sunday... bad

Approximately 6% of Americans call in sick to work the day after the SuperBowl. I should be one of them, but someone has to at least make an effort today, so I guess I win.

The game itself yesterday was really good. From a football standpoint, it was probably one of the top five Superbowls ever. There was a lot of defense early in the first and second halves, with flurries of scoring at the end of both. It was finally won by the Patriots with a 41 yard field goal. Some people would look at the start of the game and say it sucked, because there was no score for a long time. Some people do not like defense though, and think that every game should be a 49-51 point extravaganza. That's insane. Great defense makes for a great football game.

Of course, during halftime, Kid Rock wore a shredded flag as his shirt, and Janet Jackson fully exposed her right breast. The cameras cut away quickly, but it was there all the same. Binoculars and flash cameras opened up all around Reliant Stadium in record speed. All in all, I'd say that halftime at the game was a load of crap. Thank God the game was good.

After the game, there was some poker playing and I think I won a single hand. Just about my worst poker outing ever.

I'm growing increasing disturbed by the lack of rover updates. They've been up there for a month now. Opportunity rolled off it's lander a couple days ago. We should be getting a deluged hourly with brand new panoramas from Mars. Something is going on, and they aren't telling us what it is. Ergo, they must have found life on Mars. It all makes sense.

I had other stuff to blog today, but I can not remember diddly poo this morning, so Im just going to stop. More later Im sure.

It's a marmot

So today is Groundhog Day. The marmot saw his shadow today, so we get an extra six weeks or so of winter. I have always had a thing for Groundhog Day. Any holiday named after, or celebrated in favor of a marmot gets my vote. Other people know of my like for this holiday, and at least one of them thought of me today because of it. A friend of mine from high school thought of me today, and since we haven't talked in probably six years or so, she decided to google me. Boom! there I am on page two. It was good to hear from her, but it does raise another, more sinister, specter... What if my family, or those I dont want to hear from, decide to google me??? {insert eerie music}

Happy Groundhog Day!

Kiddy Grade

Alrighty Fruits Baskets fans...
Ive got the first Kiddy Grade DVD now, so it'll be anime watching time sometime this week.

In other news, I think this is blog entry number 100.

February 3, 2004

High speed my butt

Work is a pain this morning, mostly because our internet is just slow. slow. s l o w. This means that I can barely get to the sites I need to get to, in order to download the files I need to download, to set up the monitoring system that will help prevent having slow internet. There's some irony in there somewhere.

Today is the day for DragonBowl III. gridiron, tundra, etc, etc, i rule.

Nothing else going on, except that Hubble found Oxygen on a distant planet. Happy joy.

sci-fi chicks

So I noticed one of the marketing people had the offical magazine of the Sci-Fi channel on her desk today. It seems we have a couple ads in it. What drew me to it though, was the picture of Keira Knightley on the cover, and the caption '25 sexiest women in sci-fi'. Go buy the magazine. It's all that and Neko's bag of chips.

February 4, 2004

Who's your daddy?

As the newly liberated (ie unemployed) Amy can attest to, I spent part of last night working on my family tree. I have some information on my ancestry that I got from my mom, and some more that I got from my brother. All told, I can see one line on my great grandfather's side going back to about 1701/1702. Once it gets back about 175 years or so, we no longer have the names of the wives. Or just the first name. There is a lot of stuff like "Tom Walters married Sarah Unknown". On my grandmothers side, I only can go back to the 1800s. At least on the grandmothers side, we know when some of the ancestors came over from Ireland. Everyone on the other side seems to have sprung forth on this continent. In Georgia, no less.

Of course, this is all on my mom's side. I have no knowledge of anything relating to my biological father. They could have records going all the way back to Jebus, and I wouldn't know.

So, anyway, Im looking at all this last night, and trying to think of a nice way of displaying it. Maybe even turning it into a nice gift for my mom and brothers if I can get it all organized and pretty looking. But Im not sure how much I want to include. If I go all the way back, I have only one or two lines that go far back, but then at the one point, I have a ton of information starting with one x-great grandmother (Susan Redbird). I've got all the names of her kids, and most of her kid's kids, and their kids. So it explodes hugely at that point. I was debating trying to include all this extra information into some type of display, and am starting to realize that it would be rather unwieldy. I could do it, but it would basically balloon at one point, then shrink back down or just taper off when I got back to my generation, because I do not know all these cousin and aunts and uncles (there would be hundreds by this point per generation) that should belong on it.

If anyone has any advice on what to do, or how to do it, I'm all ears.

In other news, here's a nice picture of some Martian dirt. (microscopic, even)

You want fries with that?

This filmmaker dude ate nothing at all for a month except McDonald's. The idea came to him after hearing of the two girls that sued McDonald's for making them fat. He made a documentary of the experience called 'Super Size Me.' Gained like twenty-five pounds or so in the process. But the film won Best Director at Sundance, so it might be worth a rental.

February 5, 2004

WTF? I have to do work?

Yeah yeah, so it is a late blog today. I've been to busy at work today to get anything done. That, plus I left my wallet at home today so had to go home for lunch. Going home wasn't bad. Saved a few dollars on lunch, which will go to Ron's Hamburgers tonight, and got to watch a minute or two of Jerry Springer. What more can you ask for? Other than that, today has been pretty much a bitch. The spectre of staying late rose up for a while, but I was able to ward that off. I will have to be available by phone for the evening instead, but I doubt I get called.

I think that Ninsi and I have decided to not go to Mardi Gras this year. There was a lot of talk about it, and I think that a few in the blogosphere are going, but we are going to bow out. I've been a couple times myself, and Ninsi has just realized how close to that time it is. It's always easier to have a big ole party at home than to travel to New Orleans, but not always quite so fun. I must be getting old.

In space news, Opportunity goes for a drive.

February 6, 2004

To much sleep will kill you

Ninsi seems to want to go to OKC tonight now, instead of waiting and going up tomorrow morning. Normally, I wouldn't care either way, except the beginning and the end of her rationale for this plan is so that she could sleep in tomorrow morning if we go up tonight. I figure that she will sleep in the car either way, so it shouldn't make a big difference to her.

I've noticed a severe drop-down in post lately in this blogosphere. Has it lost its luster, or is everyone suddenly to busy to post, or suddenly all our lives have been even more dull that we cannot even bring ourselves to whack a few keys anymore?

If that's the case, here is something exciting for everyone to chew on for a bit: I'm growing a beard. I'll eventually shave it to a goatee, but for now, I am letting it all go. If it comes out red, though, I may have to get rid of it prematurely.

Would a little QC kill them?

Okay, so if you go back a few days, you'll note a long post on my current project involving my ancestors. There is a word for the study of ancestry which I will get to in a moment, but is the point of this entry. On my lunch break today, after putting over $20 in gas in my car, I went to CompUSA to look at software for organizing family trees and shit. Above all the software at CompUSA, and really, almost any store these days, they have these placards that are about six inches tall, and two feet long telling you the category on that particular rack. They say things like 'Humor, Games, Home/Office' so that you can quickly see and go to the right section. I had a little difficulty finding the software I was looking for, because according to this CompUSA, I needed *geneoligy* software. Now, I'm not the world's best speller. Hell, it's up for debate if I'm the best speller at Shady Manor, but I'm also not part of a multi-million dollar company that uses placards for categorizing software and should have someone making fucking sure that I don't misspell a word that everyone coming into the store is going to see. Of course, in their defense, it isn't the easiest word in the world to spell, and most people that see it, probably won't know the difference. Oh, and for the record, the proper spelling is 'genealogy'.

In other news, Dallas has got to be the most of fucking safe place to get out of your car if you have a problem with it on a freeway. How many random people have been killed now because someone else can't stay between the lines?

Who ya gonna call?

I just wanted to relate something I saw on the way home today while I was still thinking about it... I was driving along on my way home, and saw like a red Ford Contour in front of me. It appeared to be heavily weighted down because the rear end was just barely not scraping the tires. You see such sights every now and again, no big deal. I saw the outline of what appeared to be bulky box shaped things and assumed he was carring heavy boxes. Moving or something, but as I got closer, and eventually passed him, I was able to clearly see that he was not carrying boxes. No, it was dozens and dozens of phone books. The entirety of the back seat, and front passenger seat were stacked to the top of the car with phone books. I can only presume the trunk was the same.

I have no commentary on what I saw. I just can't imagine what he was doing with them all. I would hope that anyone delivering a few hundred pounds of phone books would have a truck.

February 9, 2004

We've got a long way to go, dude

Fact of the day, just for Ryan: Worldwide, there are over 20,000 brands of beer.

I get the vague impression that someone cleaned the office over the weekend. There is still crap on the floor, and computer pieces everywhere, but there doesn't seem to be quite as *much* as there was Friday. We really need shelves in here. Actually, a wood chipper would be better, since it would make short work of all the non-working things that are in here, but which we are still keeping for unknown reasons.

Rather a wash of a weekend. Ninsi and I were scheduled to go to OKC Saturday, but we didn't exactly make it. She spoke to her mom late Friday night, and I guess neither of them really wanted to go. So, we've sorta rescheduled that for a couple weeks away. Since we weren't going anywhere early Saturday, we went ahead and did some proper drinking before finally crashing. I think that Ryan was the only one with a hangover the next day, but that was probably because he had, by far, more to drink than anyone else. What with the 9 beer sampler from Humperdinks (where we received ass service, btw) followed by a litre of something else before we even started drinking at the house. He got over it in time to go to the dog park, though, which is what we did in the early afternoon.

I do not care to dig it out of her archives just now, but Ninsi has an old dog park entry where a couple women nearly got into a fight. One of those women that day was there with a guy that just never, ever, shuts up. He and she were there again, and he just kept talking. We stayed away, but could hear him dispensing advice to everyone else. And the real kicker of it is, for all his knowledge of everyone else's dog, he had the lack of sense to bring a dog that was in heat. It's a Great Dane, so not many dogs are going to be able to actually reach high enough to hump it, but that didn't stop 4-5 dogs at a time from trying. It wouldn't have been quite so bad, except that he *knew* she was in heat. Moron's piss me off.

That was pretty much the high point of the weekend. Ninsi and I filled the rest with Balder's Gate II.

In other news, the Black Eye galaxy.

Military Logic

There are new polls up today. One for what Ninsi and I should do this weekend, since it's Valentine's Day and all. And the other for Jessy, since she's having baby name issues. If you like a name that's not on the list, leave a comment, and maybe I'll change the poll.

For the interested parties, Godzilla did not win the last poll. He was ahead til near the end, when Mothra made a last minute push and beat him out by two votes. The Blob also managed to garner as many votes as did the big leezard. Sorry Ryan. Must be this Mtv generation that just doesn't see the greatest of Godzilla that you do. Apparently though, most everyone thinks King Kong is a big pussy, since he was dead last. Even behind Apache Chief.

And, as the title says, check out the extended entry for 21 rules of Military Logic.

Continue reading "Military Logic" »

February 10, 2004

Is that burning flesh I smell?

So I'm sitting in the office yesterday doing whatever it is I do, when someone comes in the door. The door is directly behind me, but I can look at the window in front of me, and see reflections of whomever is coming in. Rather than a co-worker, as I expected, it was in this case, two firemen. They walk in, look at me, look around the office, and ask "Didnt you hear the fire alarm?" Uh, no. So I look outside, and there is two full ladder trucks, and the smaller EMT truck sitting outside, as well as just about everyone else that works in the building. I lock the door and head on outside, and once Im in the hallway, I can finally hear the alarm.

There was no fire, but one of the alarms on my floor had gone off. If there had been a fire, however, I would never have known until flames had engulfed the hall and it was to late for me to just saunter down the stairs. I would probably have to throw a server through the window, and then jump, hoping that the hood of whomevers car I landed on, would give just enough to not break my neck.

Other than that, I think we worked out for like 2.5 hours last night. feh.

Oh, and if I annoyed anyone by saying their links were less than stellarly arranged, I take it back. They look faboo.

February 11, 2004


Not a whole hell of a lot going on to report. There was a little excitement at work yesterday when I managed to cause a circuit to get tripped and stop power to, oh, maybe a dozen computers. We got it fixed, and learned the limits of that particular power circuit.

After that, I got home and did a little cheating at Baldur's Gate II. Not much, just a little since Ninsi had used up our collective pool of gold. Raquetball for an hour or so, and then finished up Foundation.

I think I am on the verge of an illness. Not sure yet. My throat, since last night, has been a little sore. It could be because the fan has been point straight at my head the past couple nights. I'll move it down tonight and see if that helps. I'm sure Ninsi would be most displeased if I'm ill this weekend.

Oh, and about the title, that is just in reference to all the fruit I bought last night. We stopped by the store on the way home from the gym, and I wound up buying bananas (that were still very green), apples, oranges, and peaches.

In other news, the US did not qualify to play soccer in the Olympics. Mexico trounced our team fairly handily. Final score: 4-0. I think in soccer terms, that is utter emasculation. But I really dont know since soccer is such a suck ass 'sport' to begin with.

February 12, 2004

Blog Nazi

It's a very quiet morning today. Even our resisdent blog nazis (you know who you are) seem to be having trouble blogging of late, which really puts a damper on the ability to chastise others for not.

I think I may have weirded Neko out a bit this morning by telling her 'good morning' as soon as she signed on today. It's not that I'm merry or chipper or anything of a morning, I just happened to be sitting in front of the PC at the time.

Kickboxing was ursurped last night by psuedo beach volleyball. We used a beach ball, but there was no sand. It was still in the gym. I fear I don' t play well with others. Ask Ninsi though. It does make for a good cardio workout though. Maybe a little much, because when I got home my shorts were still throughly damp with sweat.

Just a reminder, my birthday is coming up in just under two months, so that's plenty of time for everyone to get together and buy me something cool.

February 16, 2004

Valentine's Day massacre

Yah yah, I didn't blog Friday. Shoot me. I went home early due to pending illness. That was pretty much my day. I hate a lot of soup, and stayed home with a space heater while everyone else (ninsi, monkey, bunny, zero, and donut) all went to a movie.

Saturday consisted of a big lunch at BDs. Then Ninsi and I went to the Parks mall for a little shopping. Her justified pissiness with Sears was given added fuel during that trip. Turned one exit to early on the way back from Parks and we felt that was sufficient reason to stop at Marble Slab for ice cream. Fate had obviously made me take that exit for a reason, right? Went home, played some Culdcept, then she and I headed out to the Lodge. (that's a strip club for the uninitiated) I wont go into the details, but they were the least busy I've ever seen them, and there did seem to be quite a few couples and fewer single guys there.

My entire food supply Saturday consisted of BDs for lunch, and Marble Slab for dinner. Plus a couple beer later on. It's because of days like that, that I have managed to lose about ten pounds since the first of the year.

Sunday was a wash. Spent nearly an hour just trying to get to the place we were going for lunch. The rest of the day was mostly spent playing video games and doing laundry.

I think I had some items of actual interest to report today, but when I got to work, one of my boxes had crashed, so everything I had planned got forgot while I worked getting that back up.

In other news, A-Rod is apparently going to the Yankees now. I dont like baseball, but this is a huge deal. The player's association would not let him go to Boston, but ole George has enough green that A-Rod can go there no problemo. Im waiting for the cries of 'conspiracy' to start flying out of Boston. Just give the pennant to the Yankees for the next 3-4 years.

More baby names

It's also new poll day. I may have to start letting polls go two weeks. One a week taxes my feeble brain to much.

The poll for Jessy's eventually baby name will stay up and mostly as is though. I will retain the top five names from the last one, and add in five new ones, and we'll just keep it going so that only the strong names survive.

New polls should be up in 10 minutes or so, once I've had a chance to think of new names and shit.

February 17, 2004

Citrus Breeze

I'll keep it short today since there's not a fargin thing going on. Ninsi bought some goofy-ass toothpaste over the weekend. Crest Whitening Expressions: Fresh Citrus Breeze, I think is the full name if it. I'm actually old enough to remember when toothpaste was just simply 'crest', 'colgate', and 'aim'. You did not have to be reading at a high school level just to figure out what your were getting. Anyway, the point is, it's not exactly nasty, but it's definately not something you want to put in your mouth first thing in the morning. I sent an email to Crest telling them what I thought of it. They haven't responded back yet. I will happily ship the rest of the tube to them, though, if they want proof that I think it sucks. I'll just go back to my Mentadent now.

Oh yeah, DragonBowl IV or something is today. Incoming soreness tomorrow.

edit: I wrote this this morning, but did not realize that it had not posted until Jessy pointed out that I hadn't blogged yet.

February 18, 2004

Ninsi says I'm weird

So I have some aches this morning. It's not usually for me anymore. After the 4th installment of Dragonbowl yesterday, it's actually expected. If I were a fantasy player, my numbers would be phenomenal. I caught two TD passes, and tossed another one. Not to mention my several tackles and broken up plays on defensive. I also managed to kick another of the guys in the nuts.

On the way home, I called my older brother, who had just met Adian Quinn (Trainspotting, Legends of the Fall) who was in my hometown working on a new movie. When I said I'd just been playing football, he said 'You are to old for that.' I almost agree. But it is fun to play. Falling hard on your back, getting grass up/down your shorts, and suffering the occassional bruise may not seem like a good time, but it really is worth it. :)

My arms are pretty sore this morning though. It's not from the football, but rather from working out with weights during kickboxing on Monday. Anytime I work out harder, or with more weights, than usual (i.e. enough to create soreness later) I am never quite so sore the day after the workout. Just a little. But the second day after, I am like ten times as sore. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Maybe that's the way it is supposed to work.

Anyone else read about the kid that was web surfing and realized he had been abducted as a child? That has to be a little weird. Like seeing your own face on the back of a milk carton, and then telling your teacher, and then getting put with a foster family because you've just got your mommy put in jail...

Anyway, a free taco to the first person that points out the apophasis in this post. Subject to terms and conditions, of course.

**/ add-on /** since Ninsi and Jessy posted while I was typing, I took the leader test real quick, and I think I win...


February 19, 2004

Your remains shall decorate my home

I really got nothing today.

Pica is a mental disorder type thing that makes people want to eat just random stuff. Pregnant women and kids get it to a degree. It's also what causes some people to eat coins and shit. A least, I think it's called pica. Anyway, there was a dude in France, and he went to the hospital, and they found 12 fucking pounds of coins in his stomach. There was also assorted needles and crap. That's like eating a bowling ball. It was about $350 dollars worth of change. They removed all the stuff, and he died 12 days later. There's not point to this, other than 'wtf?'. His family knew of the condition, he was messed up in the head, and whenever there was a gathering, they all had to try to clean up so there wasn't stuff laying around that he could just eat. I would think you would just poop out most coins, but maybe not if you ate so many that your stomach was pushed down into your hips.

Other than that, the most exciting thing that has happened since yesterday is that Ninsi and I are (hopefully) one fight away from finishing Baldur's Gate.

Oh, and I got hit in the wang with a raquetball.

February 20, 2004

Theiving ideas

Yeah, so rather than make an actual post, I'll steal one of Neko's ideas, and just post a conversation I've just had with Ninsi. The sad thing is, we have these type of exchanges all the time face to face...

ninsianna says: um - i don't know which tax form h&r block used when filing mytaxes
eric says: probably 1040
eric says: maybe even the EZ
eric says: Got Rocky Horror stuck in my head
ninsianna says: i think it was the EZ
ninsianna says: i'm just gonna say it was
eric says: 'just a sweet transvestite...'
ninsianna says: huh?
eric says: you know, when when Frankenfurter is singing,
eric says: "I'm just a sweet transvestite,
from Trans-sexual
Translyvannnniaaaa, uh huh'
eric says: With occassional random interjections of the 'making a man song'
ninsianna says: they filed 1040A
ninsianna says: yeah
eric says: I get the impression with this tax form talk that you are trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what. It's like you left out the main sentance or sometihng.
ninsianna says: i'm just commenting while i fil it out = i'll stop now
ninsianna says: anyway so what about frankenfurter singing?
ninsianna says: you got his song in your head now?
eric says: omg, just shhhhhh
ninsianna says: what?
ninsianna says: i'm confused
eric says: just leave it
ninsianna says: *sigh*

In other news, we beat what we thought was the final fight in Baldur's Gate, only to find out it wasn't. No idea how much is left. /sigh

February 23, 2004

They have a union?

Completely wiped out today. I think I've had as much sleep the last two days, as I normally get in a single night. The temptation was to not come to work today, but I'm a trooper. I never said I was very bright.

To recap: Friday was a wash. We went out, met Bunny, Donut, Monkey, Jimmy, and I don't know, about eight other people for dinner at Mia's. The food was good, but not so much better as to make the hassle of getting a table, and the "our food is to sexy for you" owner, worth me ever going out of my way to sample it again. I would have been perfectly happy at with Chipotle or Glorias, but I'm a simpleton that way. Afterwards, we went straight to another club, the name of which escapes me. Some more people came. Ninsi and I had not prepared to go directly to a club when we left the house, so we were not at all dressed for it. We wound up scooting out fairly early, and went home to some X-box.

Saturday involved a brief excursion to a shopping district. In a quest for her DragonCon outfit, we headed to Shades of Gray, thinking they might either be able to do a custom job, or point us to someone who could. They were intrigued, but not able to do it. The only reference they could give was for a leather show next weekend in Dallas. I will stop short of calling it a fetish gathering, as I believe it's the people that actually make the leather stuff, though Im sure they also wear it. Admission is $69 in advance, and like $115 at the door or something. We'll pass.

On the way to the store though, we had just exited the highway and were sitting behind several cars at a streetlight. There were three men on the walkway talking amongst themselves. We couldn't decide if they were vagrants, panhandlers, or just guys talking. We amused ourself thinking they were panhandlers staking out their turf for the day, or discussing the current state of their union. They broke their huddle before our light and two went one way, while the third went to the intersection we were about to go through. I don't know where it came from, but as soon as he got to the corner, the guy actually pulled out a fair sized sign that said "homeless, hungry" and something else. So, I think they actually were dividing up the turf for the day. /shrug.

Ive grown weary of typing, so Im going to nutshell the rest.
Saturday evening, we eventually got dressed and went downtown. Got picked on by Jesus-pushers two times. I think because of our beads, and how we were dressed. Made it to bed after five. Woke up to early.
Sunday: did a lot of laundry, got pissed at Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis because I can't make more than 60 dinosaurs. Got dressed, went to The Church. Made it to bed around three I think. Had to get up to early for work.

New poll later. Maybe.

February 24, 2004

And the trash beget more trash

So I walk back into the office this morning, and there is a piece of something on the floor. It's trash, I just dont want to pick it up. We have a cleaning crew that should do that at night, and sometimes, I'm lazy. Anyway, it's about the size of a half-dollar, and it's in my walkway, so I kick it as I go by. The thing shoots off under the the server rack, hits the rack and rebounds. When it comes back out, it has brought another piece of trash with it. Something that was under a server. Just a crumpled up piece of paper. But now, I have two pieces of trash on the floor to contend with, instead of just one.

That's how my day is shaping up.

Revenge of the trash

So, about that trash, and that being the way my day was working out...

Well, it's now almost 9 pm, and I'm at work. One of my servers here started crashing about an hour before noon, and finally keeled over about 4. I went home for a couple hours waiting on it to die. The hard disk crapped out. So I am back here, putting a new one in, trying to make it see all the data on the other drives and get it back in running order before everyone makes it in tomorrow. I'm not sure a virgin sacrifice would be enough to pull this off.

February 25, 2004


So I finally got everything up and running again last night. It took about as long as I thought, not as long as I feared. After all was ready, it was another half hour sending out emails before I actually got to go home, but I finally did make it back to the mesa around 2:30 am. Of course, when I did manage to leave work around 2, it was pouring down rain. There are still some kinks to work out, so I'll be back in to work after lunch to fix those.

Between getting back to work around 5, and leave at 2, that's an extra 9 hours or so I put in yesterday. More if you count drive time. And the bitching thing about being salaried - I dont get paid OT for it. But, at the same time, Im probably working a half day three days this week, so it works out well enough.

As annoying as yesterday was, Im sure it was a whole lot worse for those poor souls that I saw on the highway as I drove home in the rain. It must have been a doozy of an accident. At lease half a dozen emergency vehicles, and wreckage fun on both sides of the highway.

In other news, it's still farkin raining.

February 26, 2004

Sunny day

And it is a very bright and shiny day. I think it was overcast when I came in this morning, but when I sat at my desk, I was nearly blinded by the sun through my window. The initial weather had called for rain this weekend, but it looks like they've changed that to be mostly clear. I hope that holds for Oklahoma also, since I'm planning to leave and go up there for the weekend tomorrow.

Nothing much else going on. Ninsi and I are still trying to defeat the last guy in Baldur's Gate. We spent about half an hour on it last night. We know how to do it now, I think, it is just going to take forever. We managed to get him to about half his life before he uber-ganked us both.

I don't know about Ninsi, but I'm trying to think of alternative DragonCon costume possibilities. We don't really need costumes. Girls can just dress nice/slutty and still get their picture taken a lot. Costumes just would be fun. I'm thinking we could use duct tape for making them, much like these prom outfits.

In other news, Spirit may have found evidence of life on Mars.

PT Barnum lives

You seriously can not even hope to buy publicity like this. Woman dies watching 'Passion of Christ' Hell, I don't even want to see the movie. But if it's killing people, a la The Ring, hey, I may have to.

In a very related note, the dude that played Judas in Jesus Chirst Superstar has also died.

Does this mean Jehovah likes the movie or not? I can't figure it out.

Oh, new poll.

February 27, 2004


Ninsi has played hooky again from work today. I presume it is my fault, since Im leaving work early to go to Oklahoma, and she is going with me. Right now it looks like we will be spending the whole weekend in Tulsa hanging out with her family. Im not overly joyful at the idea, but I can't exactly disagree with it either. It gets so complicated sometimes when you start dealing with people numbering more than one.

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