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Blog Nazi

It's a very quiet morning today. Even our resisdent blog nazis (you know who you are) seem to be having trouble blogging of late, which really puts a damper on the ability to chastise others for not.

I think I may have weirded Neko out a bit this morning by telling her 'good morning' as soon as she signed on today. It's not that I'm merry or chipper or anything of a morning, I just happened to be sitting in front of the PC at the time.

Kickboxing was ursurped last night by psuedo beach volleyball. We used a beach ball, but there was no sand. It was still in the gym. I fear I don' t play well with others. Ask Ninsi though. It does make for a good cardio workout though. Maybe a little much, because when I got home my shorts were still throughly damp with sweat.

Just a reminder, my birthday is coming up in just under two months, so that's plenty of time for everyone to get together and buy me something cool.

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Oh, and while those cards I linked to are cream-worthy, these a lot of other cool shit at that site also. Like these fucking digital photo frames that you hang on the wall. Check em out


hehe...i wasn't weirded out...just not awake yet and cranky. it's usually a good hour or so after i've gotten to work before anyone says anything at all.


For the record, you were much nicer to play with than the middle-aged git. If you hog the ball, fine, but don't expect me to go for it knowing I might get mowed down by your middle-aged-git ass. That's where he treaded on me.


How the fuck do you shuffle those cards?

Im guessing you'd have to do it Vegas style.

they are perty aren't they! good luck finding friends that love you that much dude :)

I dont even love him that much


Blogstapo alert - you're coming dangerously close to the 24 hr with no posts limit.


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