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Citrus Breeze

I'll keep it short today since there's not a fargin thing going on. Ninsi bought some goofy-ass toothpaste over the weekend. Crest Whitening Expressions: Fresh Citrus Breeze, I think is the full name if it. I'm actually old enough to remember when toothpaste was just simply 'crest', 'colgate', and 'aim'. You did not have to be reading at a high school level just to figure out what your were getting. Anyway, the point is, it's not exactly nasty, but it's definately not something you want to put in your mouth first thing in the morning. I sent an email to Crest telling them what I thought of it. They haven't responded back yet. I will happily ship the rest of the tube to them, though, if they want proof that I think it sucks. I'll just go back to my Mentadent now.

Oh yeah, DragonBowl IV or something is today. Incoming soreness tomorrow.

edit: I wrote this this morning, but did not realize that it had not posted until Jessy pointed out that I hadn't blogged yet.

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oh no. i knew that was going to be horrible. i mean, citrus toothpaste?! ugh.


there's also that new, scary citrus listerine. listerine should just taste like what it's always tasted like. ass. it doesn't need to taste like citrus ass.


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