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drinking on Sunday... bad

Approximately 6% of Americans call in sick to work the day after the SuperBowl. I should be one of them, but someone has to at least make an effort today, so I guess I win.

The game itself yesterday was really good. From a football standpoint, it was probably one of the top five Superbowls ever. There was a lot of defense early in the first and second halves, with flurries of scoring at the end of both. It was finally won by the Patriots with a 41 yard field goal. Some people would look at the start of the game and say it sucked, because there was no score for a long time. Some people do not like defense though, and think that every game should be a 49-51 point extravaganza. That's insane. Great defense makes for a great football game.

Of course, during halftime, Kid Rock wore a shredded flag as his shirt, and Janet Jackson fully exposed her right breast. The cameras cut away quickly, but it was there all the same. Binoculars and flash cameras opened up all around Reliant Stadium in record speed. All in all, I'd say that halftime at the game was a load of crap. Thank God the game was good.

After the game, there was some poker playing and I think I won a single hand. Just about my worst poker outing ever.

I'm growing increasing disturbed by the lack of rover updates. They've been up there for a month now. Opportunity rolled off it's lander a couple days ago. We should be getting a deluged hourly with brand new panoramas from Mars. Something is going on, and they aren't telling us what it is. Ergo, they must have found life on Mars. It all makes sense.

I had other stuff to blog today, but I can not remember diddly poo this morning, so Im just going to stop. More later Im sure.

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BEST QUIZ EVER! But people are only voting for Apache Chief for the comedic value. Everyone konws that Mothra is like a freaking god. He kicks everyone's butt. King Kong is brute strength, which Godzilla has plus electricity breath. The Blob - you're funny.

I saw 4 horrible wrecks on the way home last night. I mean scary carnage closing down I-35 kind of wrecks. Those people should have freaking stayed home or sobered up.

the 3 hours immidiatly following the superbowl are the most dangerous hours to drive. i heard that friday, thought about it all weekend, and completely forgot about it by sunday.
i was a bit distraced sunday night, or i would have remembered to tell you.


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