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Not a whole hell of a lot going on to report. There was a little excitement at work yesterday when I managed to cause a circuit to get tripped and stop power to, oh, maybe a dozen computers. We got it fixed, and learned the limits of that particular power circuit.

After that, I got home and did a little cheating at Baldur's Gate II. Not much, just a little since Ninsi had used up our collective pool of gold. Raquetball for an hour or so, and then finished up Foundation.

I think I am on the verge of an illness. Not sure yet. My throat, since last night, has been a little sore. It could be because the fan has been point straight at my head the past couple nights. I'll move it down tonight and see if that helps. I'm sure Ninsi would be most displeased if I'm ill this weekend.

Oh, and about the title, that is just in reference to all the fruit I bought last night. We stopped by the store on the way home from the gym, and I wound up buying bananas (that were still very green), apples, oranges, and peaches.

In other news, the US did not qualify to play soccer in the Olympics. Mexico trounced our team fairly handily. Final score: 4-0. I think in soccer terms, that is utter emasculation. But I really dont know since soccer is such a suck ass 'sport' to begin with.

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Hey now, soccer rules. Just our team sucks. Didn't we beat Mexico in the last World Cup?


i hate that "gearing up for illness" feeling. you can tell that in a few days you're going to feel awful, but right now you just don't feel great....ugh...


Don't let Marc hear your views on Soccer, oh wait no do tell him it will entertain me.


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