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High speed my butt

Work is a pain this morning, mostly because our internet is just slow. slow. s l o w. This means that I can barely get to the sites I need to get to, in order to download the files I need to download, to set up the monitoring system that will help prevent having slow internet. There's some irony in there somewhere.

Today is the day for DragonBowl III. gridiron, tundra, etc, etc, i rule.

Nothing else going on, except that Hubble found Oxygen on a distant planet. Happy joy.

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was startin' to wonder if you were gonna blog today.

Go Hubble! I think i could come up with a cheer...Give me an H...nah that ones been done too many times, never mind.

nobody likes you today, they won't even comment
buy hey, you've got me babe...

Thanks hon, and here I thought you were angry with me... :)

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