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Is that burning flesh I smell?

So I'm sitting in the office yesterday doing whatever it is I do, when someone comes in the door. The door is directly behind me, but I can look at the window in front of me, and see reflections of whomever is coming in. Rather than a co-worker, as I expected, it was in this case, two firemen. They walk in, look at me, look around the office, and ask "Didnt you hear the fire alarm?" Uh, no. So I look outside, and there is two full ladder trucks, and the smaller EMT truck sitting outside, as well as just about everyone else that works in the building. I lock the door and head on outside, and once Im in the hallway, I can finally hear the alarm.

There was no fire, but one of the alarms on my floor had gone off. If there had been a fire, however, I would never have known until flames had engulfed the hall and it was to late for me to just saunter down the stairs. I would probably have to throw a server through the window, and then jump, hoping that the hood of whomevers car I landed on, would give just enough to not break my neck.

Other than that, I think we worked out for like 2.5 hours last night. feh.

Oh, and if I annoyed anyone by saying their links were less than stellarly arranged, I take it back. They look faboo.

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...what did you get yelled at about not liking our links? apologizing for your opinion is very not like you.


Hey, the wrath of my girlfriend is one thing, but the wrath of pregnant Arkansas women? I'm not crazy. Is 'taking it back' the same as apologizing? I know as kids you'd sometimes have to whup ass to get someone to 'take it back', but I dont remember ever berating someone for an apology.


your fire alarm story is scary. how nice to know that you'd be left to your own devices should the building go up in flames. i'd start making some requirements as far as "fire alerts" go.


i also noticed that you used "pregnant arkansas women"...plural. i do not wish to be included in the "pregnant woman" category, as i am not pregnant. i'm just nonchalant about my link arrangement. hehe...

I'd imagine it's against fire code to be in such circumstances. I wonder if they firemen will report it to the Fire Marshall? If so, I bet your company gets in trouble. Maybe you should claim some sort of trauma.

Ninsi, I wonder also about reporting that we didn't hear that (because i didn't either and for that matter, didn't realize i had to go outside once i did lol) i thought those were school rules didn't realize they happened in real life :) How bout this Phlome we throw a server out the window and braid some cat-5 and climb down. well the Cat-5 might hold you anyway.

I think this question MUST be disscussed more carefully!


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