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More baby names

It's also new poll day. I may have to start letting polls go two weeks. One a week taxes my feeble brain to much.

The poll for Jessy's eventually baby name will stay up and mostly as is though. I will retain the top five names from the last one, and add in five new ones, and we'll just keep it going so that only the strong names survive.

New polls should be up in 10 minutes or so, once I've had a chance to think of new names and shit.

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Sapphire? She's not even in second trimester and you're already going to stripper names.


yes, i hate that one too. she'd be wearing hot pink eyeshadow in no time.


Atrophos? Should be Atropos, I would think. Not that I would name my kid that; I'm not even sure how it's pronounced.

Atrophos makes me think of atrophe, as in what happens to your muscles when you're bed-ridden.

Atropos is one of the three Fates. I've corrected the spelling. If you all hate the names so much, suggest some new ones. That's what it's all about.


See - this is why you don't have the prestige of being listed on Idiot Blogs.


Actually, I like Josephyne and Madelene a lot.

I can't think of the name "Jasmine" without remembering this black woman who lived in the same apartment complex as I did in college. She'd take her dog "jasmine" out behind the complex early in the morning and yell "JASMINE! GO POTTY! NOW JASMINE! GO POTTY!" It was surreal.

why am i the only one that like the name Andromeda? Come on, back me up everyone.


andromeda was too "the jetsons". "sapphire" is too "hooker". "atropos" sounds like a marvel comics villain. "tiamat" immediately makes me think "laundromat".

Demi, you can go to Canada with Phlome. He loves Andromeda.


Wasn't there a character in the original Battle Star Galactica named Andromeda?


Atropos was one of the three fates in Greek mythology. She was in charge of cutting the thread of life. Might as well go with Grim Reaper.


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