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Sunny day

And it is a very bright and shiny day. I think it was overcast when I came in this morning, but when I sat at my desk, I was nearly blinded by the sun through my window. The initial weather had called for rain this weekend, but it looks like they've changed that to be mostly clear. I hope that holds for Oklahoma also, since I'm planning to leave and go up there for the weekend tomorrow.

Nothing much else going on. Ninsi and I are still trying to defeat the last guy in Baldur's Gate. We spent about half an hour on it last night. We know how to do it now, I think, it is just going to take forever. We managed to get him to about half his life before he uber-ganked us both.

I don't know about Ninsi, but I'm trying to think of alternative DragonCon costume possibilities. We don't really need costumes. Girls can just dress nice/slutty and still get their picture taken a lot. Costumes just would be fun. I'm thinking we could use duct tape for making them, much like these prom outfits.

In other news, Spirit may have found evidence of life on Mars.

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Anyway, I don't know where you were this morning, maybe you were just in a daze, it's been sunny all day. It was sunny when I got up, and it was sunny when I left for work. Perhaps you've just got a little storm cloud following you around.


how dare you tease me like that!


wow...i like the duct tape prom outfits.....

And I was so hoping for free shrimp. Darn.


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