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Theiving ideas

Yeah, so rather than make an actual post, I'll steal one of Neko's ideas, and just post a conversation I've just had with Ninsi. The sad thing is, we have these type of exchanges all the time face to face...

ninsianna says: um - i don't know which tax form h&r block used when filing mytaxes
eric says: probably 1040
eric says: maybe even the EZ
eric says: Got Rocky Horror stuck in my head
ninsianna says: i think it was the EZ
ninsianna says: i'm just gonna say it was
eric says: 'just a sweet transvestite...'
ninsianna says: huh?
eric says: you know, when when Frankenfurter is singing,
eric says: "I'm just a sweet transvestite,
from Trans-sexual
Translyvannnniaaaa, uh huh'
eric says: With occassional random interjections of the 'making a man song'
ninsianna says: they filed 1040A
ninsianna says: yeah
eric says: I get the impression with this tax form talk that you are trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what. It's like you left out the main sentance or sometihng.
ninsianna says: i'm just commenting while i fil it out = i'll stop now
ninsianna says: anyway so what about frankenfurter singing?
ninsianna says: you got his song in your head now?
eric says: omg, just shhhhhh
ninsianna says: what?
ninsianna says: i'm confused
eric says: just leave it
ninsianna says: *sigh*

In other news, we beat what we thought was the final fight in Baldur's Gate, only to find out it wasn't. No idea how much is left. /sigh

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posting a conversation is a perfectly legitimate update. the blogstapo says so. as long as it's an entertaining exchange, which that was.
rocky horror was on tv last night, by the way.

You need more comments, so here's one for ya.

We must defeat Baldur's Gate this weekend.

And in my own defense, I was very distracted this morning filling out my FAFSA.


Are you guys playing BG1 or BG2? With or without the expansions?


Or BG Dark Alliance? :)

great! thanks Phlome! now i have the damn songs stuck in my head! Now i have to listen to the soundtrack or something...


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