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They have a union?

Completely wiped out today. I think I've had as much sleep the last two days, as I normally get in a single night. The temptation was to not come to work today, but I'm a trooper. I never said I was very bright.

To recap: Friday was a wash. We went out, met Bunny, Donut, Monkey, Jimmy, and I don't know, about eight other people for dinner at Mia's. The food was good, but not so much better as to make the hassle of getting a table, and the "our food is to sexy for you" owner, worth me ever going out of my way to sample it again. I would have been perfectly happy at with Chipotle or Glorias, but I'm a simpleton that way. Afterwards, we went straight to another club, the name of which escapes me. Some more people came. Ninsi and I had not prepared to go directly to a club when we left the house, so we were not at all dressed for it. We wound up scooting out fairly early, and went home to some X-box.

Saturday involved a brief excursion to a shopping district. In a quest for her DragonCon outfit, we headed to Shades of Gray, thinking they might either be able to do a custom job, or point us to someone who could. They were intrigued, but not able to do it. The only reference they could give was for a leather show next weekend in Dallas. I will stop short of calling it a fetish gathering, as I believe it's the people that actually make the leather stuff, though Im sure they also wear it. Admission is $69 in advance, and like $115 at the door or something. We'll pass.

On the way to the store though, we had just exited the highway and were sitting behind several cars at a streetlight. There were three men on the walkway talking amongst themselves. We couldn't decide if they were vagrants, panhandlers, or just guys talking. We amused ourself thinking they were panhandlers staking out their turf for the day, or discussing the current state of their union. They broke their huddle before our light and two went one way, while the third went to the intersection we were about to go through. I don't know where it came from, but as soon as he got to the corner, the guy actually pulled out a fair sized sign that said "homeless, hungry" and something else. So, I think they actually were dividing up the turf for the day. /shrug.

Ive grown weary of typing, so Im going to nutshell the rest.
Saturday evening, we eventually got dressed and went downtown. Got picked on by Jesus-pushers two times. I think because of our beads, and how we were dressed. Made it to bed after five. Woke up to early.
Sunday: did a lot of laundry, got pissed at Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis because I can't make more than 60 dinosaurs. Got dressed, went to The Church. Made it to bed around three I think. Had to get up to early for work.

New poll later. Maybe.

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you went to the church....that makes me wistful. i had to have run into you guys while i lived there before i knew you. i just know it. the odds are just too high for our paths not to have crossed at some point.
so, are you enjoying jp:operation genesis other than the 60 dino limit? i thought it was fun. i wasn't aware of the 60 dino limit. i didn't play it for that long. i kept getting bored with it and letting carnivores loose and then trying to rebuild.
i want a larger explanation for the "our food is too sexy for you" owner. that just sounds funny.


I hit jesus pushers on Bourbon St. with beads.


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