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To much sleep will kill you

Ninsi seems to want to go to OKC tonight now, instead of waiting and going up tomorrow morning. Normally, I wouldn't care either way, except the beginning and the end of her rationale for this plan is so that she could sleep in tomorrow morning if we go up tonight. I figure that she will sleep in the car either way, so it shouldn't make a big difference to her.

I've noticed a severe drop-down in post lately in this blogosphere. Has it lost its luster, or is everyone suddenly to busy to post, or suddenly all our lives have been even more dull that we cannot even bring ourselves to whack a few keys anymore?

If that's the case, here is something exciting for everyone to chew on for a bit: I'm growing a beard. I'll eventually shave it to a goatee, but for now, I am letting it all go. If it comes out red, though, I may have to get rid of it prematurely.

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you have to undertand, there is a certain pleasure derived from sleeping in that is not gained by mere sleep alone. if you don't understand this, you never will. But it's related to multiple snoozes, which you seem to have adapted to quite well.


Hmm personally I hate sleep. It intterupts things I have to do like...I dunno be awake. And oh btw could you change your mind about OK one more time, that way I win the pool. :) Dude, your beard is already red, you shoudl get a webcame up thuogh that way you coudl have a poll about it.


Hmmm, maybe a daily "beard report"?

Not much exciting is happening to me. Might go skiing again this weekend, but you guys are probably sick of hearing about that.


...are you growing a beard?

Yes, new beard for phlome. but he's in denial. his facial hair is always reddish. and whether he likes it or not, his cranial hair gets that way in the summer too. and if you look at his eyebrows, yeah, the boys Irish all right!
And I love him for it! Ain't he just so cute!?
I'll have to get some good mid-growth pics of him this weekend.

Not red. Not in de-nile. Go screw a pig.

And I mean that in the best possible way.

Um.. red dude! But manly none-the-less. Skiing in texas? didn't think there was such a thing.

Ryan, (and everyone else) Imagin how much crap you could get done, create, invent and so on, if we didn't have to have sleep for our bodies. Damn we might have flying cars then!


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