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Valentine's Day massacre

Yah yah, I didn't blog Friday. Shoot me. I went home early due to pending illness. That was pretty much my day. I hate a lot of soup, and stayed home with a space heater while everyone else (ninsi, monkey, bunny, zero, and donut) all went to a movie.

Saturday consisted of a big lunch at BDs. Then Ninsi and I went to the Parks mall for a little shopping. Her justified pissiness with Sears was given added fuel during that trip. Turned one exit to early on the way back from Parks and we felt that was sufficient reason to stop at Marble Slab for ice cream. Fate had obviously made me take that exit for a reason, right? Went home, played some Culdcept, then she and I headed out to the Lodge. (that's a strip club for the uninitiated) I wont go into the details, but they were the least busy I've ever seen them, and there did seem to be quite a few couples and fewer single guys there.

My entire food supply Saturday consisted of BDs for lunch, and Marble Slab for dinner. Plus a couple beer later on. It's because of days like that, that I have managed to lose about ten pounds since the first of the year.

Sunday was a wash. Spent nearly an hour just trying to get to the place we were going for lunch. The rest of the day was mostly spent playing video games and doing laundry.

I think I had some items of actual interest to report today, but when I got to work, one of my boxes had crashed, so everything I had planned got forgot while I worked getting that back up.

In other news, A-Rod is apparently going to the Yankees now. I dont like baseball, but this is a huge deal. The player's association would not let him go to Boston, but ole George has enough green that A-Rod can go there no problemo. Im waiting for the cries of 'conspiracy' to start flying out of Boston. Just give the pennant to the Yankees for the next 3-4 years.

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The Yankee's can have A-Rod, maybe him and Jeter can have some kind of Ego-war meltdown. The Rangers better get some decent damn pitching out of it.

They got a 2nd Baseman, and a player to be named later, I think.

YAAA! YANKEES BABY!!! WHOOO-HOOOO!!!! can't ya tell i'm from the north east!

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