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We've got a long way to go, dude

Fact of the day, just for Ryan: Worldwide, there are over 20,000 brands of beer.

I get the vague impression that someone cleaned the office over the weekend. There is still crap on the floor, and computer pieces everywhere, but there doesn't seem to be quite as *much* as there was Friday. We really need shelves in here. Actually, a wood chipper would be better, since it would make short work of all the non-working things that are in here, but which we are still keeping for unknown reasons.

Rather a wash of a weekend. Ninsi and I were scheduled to go to OKC Saturday, but we didn't exactly make it. She spoke to her mom late Friday night, and I guess neither of them really wanted to go. So, we've sorta rescheduled that for a couple weeks away. Since we weren't going anywhere early Saturday, we went ahead and did some proper drinking before finally crashing. I think that Ryan was the only one with a hangover the next day, but that was probably because he had, by far, more to drink than anyone else. What with the 9 beer sampler from Humperdinks (where we received ass service, btw) followed by a litre of something else before we even started drinking at the house. He got over it in time to go to the dog park, though, which is what we did in the early afternoon.

I do not care to dig it out of her archives just now, but Ninsi has an old dog park entry where a couple women nearly got into a fight. One of those women that day was there with a guy that just never, ever, shuts up. He and she were there again, and he just kept talking. We stayed away, but could hear him dispensing advice to everyone else. And the real kicker of it is, for all his knowledge of everyone else's dog, he had the lack of sense to bring a dog that was in heat. It's a Great Dane, so not many dogs are going to be able to actually reach high enough to hump it, but that didn't stop 4-5 dogs at a time from trying. It wouldn't have been quite so bad, except that he *knew* she was in heat. Moron's piss me off.

That was pretty much the high point of the weekend. Ninsi and I filled the rest with Balder's Gate II.

In other news, the Black Eye galaxy.

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Taking a break from the dungeon:

The dog park link was my very first post, you can find it in the November Archives.
However it's at the very bottom of the page.
Back to the dungeon.

Dammit - it didnt' translate that into a link. here: http://ninsianna.notival.com/blog/archives/2003_11.html
copy and paste if you have to, or just go to my page and click on November Archives and scroll to the very first post.


i've visited the link to the black eye galaxy several times over the last few days. very pretty.

I was glancing through the black eye article and thinking to myself how they alway say because of the radiation and "gasses" and shit that nothing could survive it. Now isn't that why we call them Aliens or E.T.'s? Shouldn't we also assume they might be able to survice those elements?

I don't know, Just a thought.


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