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Who ya gonna call?

I just wanted to relate something I saw on the way home today while I was still thinking about it... I was driving along on my way home, and saw like a red Ford Contour in front of me. It appeared to be heavily weighted down because the rear end was just barely not scraping the tires. You see such sights every now and again, no big deal. I saw the outline of what appeared to be bulky box shaped things and assumed he was carring heavy boxes. Moving or something, but as I got closer, and eventually passed him, I was able to clearly see that he was not carrying boxes. No, it was dozens and dozens of phone books. The entirety of the back seat, and front passenger seat were stacked to the top of the car with phone books. I can only presume the trunk was the same.

I have no commentary on what I saw. I just can't imagine what he was doing with them all. I would hope that anyone delivering a few hundred pounds of phone books would have a truck.

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people who deliver phone books, do so for extra $$, they rarely have options for they type of vehicle they drive.
hmmm, maybe i shoudl look into deliverying phone books. Anybody got a truck i can borrow.


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