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Who's your daddy?

As the newly liberated (ie unemployed) Amy can attest to, I spent part of last night working on my family tree. I have some information on my ancestry that I got from my mom, and some more that I got from my brother. All told, I can see one line on my great grandfather's side going back to about 1701/1702. Once it gets back about 175 years or so, we no longer have the names of the wives. Or just the first name. There is a lot of stuff like "Tom Walters married Sarah Unknown". On my grandmothers side, I only can go back to the 1800s. At least on the grandmothers side, we know when some of the ancestors came over from Ireland. Everyone on the other side seems to have sprung forth on this continent. In Georgia, no less.

Of course, this is all on my mom's side. I have no knowledge of anything relating to my biological father. They could have records going all the way back to Jebus, and I wouldn't know.

So, anyway, Im looking at all this last night, and trying to think of a nice way of displaying it. Maybe even turning it into a nice gift for my mom and brothers if I can get it all organized and pretty looking. But Im not sure how much I want to include. If I go all the way back, I have only one or two lines that go far back, but then at the one point, I have a ton of information starting with one x-great grandmother (Susan Redbird). I've got all the names of her kids, and most of her kid's kids, and their kids. So it explodes hugely at that point. I was debating trying to include all this extra information into some type of display, and am starting to realize that it would be rather unwieldy. I could do it, but it would basically balloon at one point, then shrink back down or just taper off when I got back to my generation, because I do not know all these cousin and aunts and uncles (there would be hundreds by this point per generation) that should belong on it.

If anyone has any advice on what to do, or how to do it, I'm all ears.

In other news, here's a nice picture of some Martian dirt. (microscopic, even)

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There are faimly tree software packages you can get, I think they might even include some databases for doing research.


Hey Phlome, if you check out http://jpl.nasa.gov, they've actually got high resolution pictures you could link to.


yeah. there are some good software packages out there. my dad and i got our family tracked back to the 1100s. if you're serious about this, the mormons have the best records in the country. and one of the libraries in tulsa has an uber genealogy room that helped us out quite a bit. i don't remember which branch it is, but it wouldn't be hard to find out. my dad's giant mapping of the family was done on tiny tined graphing paper that was about 5 ft by 5 ft. large, but wall sized. otherwise...you can just burn it on a cd.


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