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Would a little QC kill them?

Okay, so if you go back a few days, you'll note a long post on my current project involving my ancestors. There is a word for the study of ancestry which I will get to in a moment, but is the point of this entry. On my lunch break today, after putting over $20 in gas in my car, I went to CompUSA to look at software for organizing family trees and shit. Above all the software at CompUSA, and really, almost any store these days, they have these placards that are about six inches tall, and two feet long telling you the category on that particular rack. They say things like 'Humor, Games, Home/Office' so that you can quickly see and go to the right section. I had a little difficulty finding the software I was looking for, because according to this CompUSA, I needed *geneoligy* software. Now, I'm not the world's best speller. Hell, it's up for debate if I'm the best speller at Shady Manor, but I'm also not part of a multi-million dollar company that uses placards for categorizing software and should have someone making fucking sure that I don't misspell a word that everyone coming into the store is going to see. Of course, in their defense, it isn't the easiest word in the world to spell, and most people that see it, probably won't know the difference. Oh, and for the record, the proper spelling is 'genealogy'.

In other news, Dallas has got to be the most of fucking safe place to get out of your car if you have a problem with it on a freeway. How many random people have been killed now because someone else can't stay between the lines?

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That's pretty pathetic! Even my fifth grader knows how to spell "genealogy"!


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