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WTF? I have to do work?

Yeah yeah, so it is a late blog today. I've been to busy at work today to get anything done. That, plus I left my wallet at home today so had to go home for lunch. Going home wasn't bad. Saved a few dollars on lunch, which will go to Ron's Hamburgers tonight, and got to watch a minute or two of Jerry Springer. What more can you ask for? Other than that, today has been pretty much a bitch. The spectre of staying late rose up for a while, but I was able to ward that off. I will have to be available by phone for the evening instead, but I doubt I get called.

I think that Ninsi and I have decided to not go to Mardi Gras this year. There was a lot of talk about it, and I think that a few in the blogosphere are going, but we are going to bow out. I've been a couple times myself, and Ninsi has just realized how close to that time it is. It's always easier to have a big ole party at home than to travel to New Orleans, but not always quite so fun. I must be getting old.

In space news, Opportunity goes for a drive.

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It won't be the same. I'll bring you back laginappe anyway.

See, I had to call you and let you partake in at least a miniscule effort in the thing we were doing in the office.

Party at your place.. FUN! I'll be there! Mardi Gras as far as i can tell is just a place for a bunch of people to get together stand in the streets like a bunch of herded cattle showing off tits to get stupid bead necklaces they then put on they're mirror to show off how "fun loving" they really are.


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