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You want fries with that?

This filmmaker dude ate nothing at all for a month except McDonald's. The idea came to him after hearing of the two girls that sued McDonald's for making them fat. He made a documentary of the experience called 'Super Size Me.' Gained like twenty-five pounds or so in the process. But the film won Best Director at Sundance, so it might be worth a rental.

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It's not available on DVD yet. :(
You know what's really scary though. I bet he just a "normal" McDonalds meals. Burger,Coke, Fries. I've seen people order multiple value meals and eat all of it themself.


McDonalds also has reasonably healthy stuff like salads and grilled chicken.

Of COURSE you'd get sick and gain weight if you ate nothing but bugers and fries 3 meals a day; whether McDonalds made them or you cooked 'em yourself at home. You'd also get sick if you ate nothing but lettuce and wheat germ for a month.


You and I should try and counter his study, by going on a strict McD's diet. But not just burgers, mix it up a bit, have salads for lunch, bigmac now and then for dinner. Some chicken nuggets here and there. and of course sausage biscuit, egg mcmuffin, etc from their breakfast menu for variety.


yeah...i read an article about that guy too...his liver apparently freaked out and by the end of the first week he was throwing up every day, involuntarily. jess and i decided that while of course it wouldn't be the healthiest thing for you to eat mcdonald's every day, if you start throwing up after just a week, you're obviously a puss anyway.


I swear there's a great web site I can't find that's about some test where two thin people had to try to gain weight in 30 days. It's a pain in the tuchas to click through but it's still interesting.


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