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Your remains shall decorate my home

I really got nothing today.

Pica is a mental disorder type thing that makes people want to eat just random stuff. Pregnant women and kids get it to a degree. It's also what causes some people to eat coins and shit. A least, I think it's called pica. Anyway, there was a dude in France, and he went to the hospital, and they found 12 fucking pounds of coins in his stomach. There was also assorted needles and crap. That's like eating a bowling ball. It was about $350 dollars worth of change. They removed all the stuff, and he died 12 days later. There's not point to this, other than 'wtf?'. His family knew of the condition, he was messed up in the head, and whenever there was a gathering, they all had to try to clean up so there wasn't stuff laying around that he could just eat. I would think you would just poop out most coins, but maybe not if you ate so many that your stomach was pushed down into your hips.

Other than that, the most exciting thing that has happened since yesterday is that Ninsi and I are (hopefully) one fight away from finishing Baldur's Gate.

Oh, and I got hit in the wang with a raquetball.

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I'm very sorry.


pica is frightening. i had an aunt that wanted to eat nothing but raw, raw meat while she was pregnant. fortunately, she was talked out of that, most of the time. a friend of my mom's craved dirt while pregnant. seriously.

I think dirt is pretty common. Im fairly sure my mom had some of it when she was pregnant too.


but why??...why dirt? what's appealing there?


i don't know why it's appealing but my baby doctor asked me if i'd been craving anything weird, such as dirt OR raw meat. for the record, i do not want to eat dirt or raw meat. like everything else, i'm pretty sure that would make me vomit.

Fried pickles sound kinda good right now. I wonder if Sonic has them? Goldies in T-town used to have them. And for a while Sonic did too.
Man I'm hungry. OOh fried pickles dipped in ranch dressing. Yeah, everythings better with ranch dressing.
No, don't worry i'm not 'in the family way' i just really like ranch, and I don't think I'm getting enough fried food in my diet.
off to arbys for some jalapeno poppers w/ ranch dressing

how does getting whacked in the wang compare to getting whacked in the nuts?


my understanding is that getting whacked in the wang is nothing to getting whacked in the nuts...



ninsi, i just talked about fried pickles on your blog. we have a psychic connection today!

ooooh! think of some lottery numbers, I'll go pick them!

Wang would be dick, but getting hit in that can cause a chain-reaction to the nuts. must be payback for you kickin' a certain someone in the balls at Dragonbowl :) Coincedence? I think not!


I'm pretty sure Cheddars has fired pickles.


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