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March 1, 2004

Do I look like a dealer?

No oscar coverage here. For that, go check out Neko or Bunny. The most underrated aspect of the Oscars? The oscar hos. (or Oscar-whores for the more refined).

It was a peaceful, easy weekend. Spent it with the squid and Ninsi's family in Oklahoma. On the way up to OK, we had stopped at a convenience store to get some cash and a beverage. While I'm at the ATM, so guy walk's over to me, and says, in very low tones:
"can I aks you a questions?"
"can I aks you a question?"
"er, okay."
"you do ice?"
"do you do ice?"
"Uh, no"

So, Im thinking that he was trying to either buy, or sell, some drugs. That, or his drink was to warm, and he needed some help. My first thought was honestly, 'the ice cooler is over there,' but it did not seem to fit the question. My mother informed me that 'ice' is the vernacular for extascy. I thought about that, also, but I have never heard to it referred to as such. Anyway, I apparently either look like a buyer or seller of ice, and possibly other substances as well, so I might have to rethink the whole beard thing pretty soon.

In other news, I had a dream that I cheated on Ninsi. But it was a forgivable cheat, because it was with a demi-goddess. And not the nice kind, but more the really hot, blue skinned, 'you will fuck me now, or I will disembowel you but leave you alive to hang from chains made of bones so that rodentia and ravens can pick and claw at your hanging entrails and mangle nether regions for the next 10,000 years,' kind of demi-goddess. Who am I to say 'no' to that?

March 2, 2004

Joy to the world

There was a time when if someone's phone stopped working, it was a good thing for the IT department. Now, instead, we get an email that says 'my phone does not work.' Thanks for the info there. Plug it in? Pick up the handset maybe? In the past, a non-working phone might have gone hours or days before someone took the time to actually walk over and tell you it didn't work. Sometimes, I really hate email.

Almost could not get Ninsi to go to kickboxing last night. And when we actually got there, no kickboxing was to be had. Only one other person showed up, so we used the weight room instead and then played raquetball for about an hour and a half.

DragonBowl continues today. We've played 4 times so far. And in four different locations. Location might be the wrong word. Four different spots over two locations. It's all in the same block basically. Can't wait to see where we wind up today. It means I'll be missing Jersey Girl with Ninsi, and I did want to see it, but I needs my football too.

In other news, Feds have released a few names of pro baseball players (Bonds, Sheffield, Giambi) that did receive steroids from Balco. It doesn't say they actually used the roids, just that they players received them. The three named have of course been denying they used any, so obviously they tossed them into the trash as soon as they arrived.

Addendum: The user who's phone did not work... the problem - the phone was unplugged.

March 3, 2004

Like humans do...

I mentioned the lady yesterday who's phone did not work because it was unplugged. I did not bother to ask why it was unplugged, because I was afraid it would involve the words 'feng shui'. Today, since her phone is working, she calls me first thing, and says her monitor won't come on. It's all black. I asked her if it was unplugged, and she said it wasn't. That there was a light on it. Told her I'd be down in a few minutes, etc., because it would look bad if I went down right away. Ten seconds later she calls back with "It's fine. I touched it, and it works now." While I was sitting in my slightly stunned amazment that she had managed to make it work herself, Ninsi commented that the monitor was most likely in stand-by mode. With which I have to agree. Fucking stand-by mode. If I had gone downstairs and that was the case, it was going to turn into 'bitch-slap the accountant/payroll lady day' for Phlome.

In other news, Mars was once soaking wet. I think we all knew that already.

March 4, 2004

Can't live with 'em ...

I got a haircut yesterday. My hair had started to get to my ears, and it was bothering me, so I got it cut. I told Ninsi that I was going to get it cut, and leave the length on the top. She thought that was a bad idea, so I got it all cut, and now it's all short, and she doesn't like that either. She'll tell you that it was all my idea, and that she liked the longer hair, and that she thought I was trying to grow it out. That's partly true, I was thinking of growing it out, but we had some talk the other day that made me decide it wasn't necessary. That, and she that the hair looked pretty bad once day, so I thought that meant it was to long. Apparently, I'm dum.

Katie, if you're reading this, I'll link to you after you've moved to blogspot or something. ;) And after I find a suitable icon. Same reason I haven't linked to Demigoblin yet. No icon, and he's moving to a new locale.

And hey! I got a comment from the non-G/F, which means I've arrived or something.

People today aren't being excessively stupid. Just had one release a virus on us, but I guess that is to be expected, right? I mean, it has to be someone else's fault if they fail to tell us that their virus subscription is running out, even though they get a message EVERY goddamn day and just ignore it. Most of the company has the corporate plan and gets updated automatically, and is no wiser or dumber for it, but there are a few, who for various reasons, require individual service protection.

In other news, I think I could do this. Although, I dont know if I am technically either an amatuer or professional astronomer. Or neither. It's what I have a degree in, (laugh all you want motherfuckers, it's a lot cooler than business, poly-sci, comp-sci, etc even if it's utterly worthless for getting a job or making money) but I dont use it at all, and no longer even have a telescope.

March 5, 2004

I've lost my pen

But at least it wasn't a $20 pen that I've lost two of, so I can deal with it.

I barely made it to work today. Not because I was tired or overslept or anything, I got up just fine. Got showered and dressed, and then just kinda thought that it would be a nice day to play hooky. It was almost 8:30 before I finally left the house. I really did not have any reason to stay home either. Today is turning into a day that would be faboo to just be outside doing almost anything. Except manual labor. I'm fortunate in that I have such a large window here in front of me at work. It would be a little nicer if there were a few less trees between me and the apartment complex across the way though, because I'm sure that as it gets warmer, there will be hot women running around scantilly clad at the complex.

Played raquetball last night with a guy from work, who has actually taken it as a class, but not played in a few years. Apparently, according to a third party observer who watched a match and took note of play styles, he has much better form than I. Even when he completely misses the ball, it still looks good. I wouldn't know, I wasn't paying that much attention. I told the observer, (okay, it was Ninsi) that the form probably came from having been coached to have good form, and the muscles remember that. I, on the other hand, having never been coached, have to rely purely on my dubious athleticism.

Poker night tonight. Hopefully I wont crash and burn like I did last time.

In other news, there were no results from this weeks Dragonbowl because it was called on account of to many others being big pussies. We're going to try it again next week.

la la la la la la

It seems my girlfriend has gone off the smurf end.

March 6, 2004

Next time, Im stealing their milk money

It's almost noon, and I'm barely out of bed. That's what I get for staying up drinking all night long. Also played a good amount of poker last night. I think I made out okay. I lost my initial 10 dollar buy in, so I sat out a few minutes, and then bought back in with another 5 dollars. By the end of the night, I put about 50 bucks back in my billfold, so I personally netted about 35.

I think it'll be a lazy day for Ninsi and me. Probably lunch, and then just some general goofing around. It's shaping up to be a beautiful day, so everyone should get out and enjoy it. ciao.

March 8, 2004

Bogey at 6 o'clock

Actually, there were only two bogies on my part. And one more on Zero's part. That would not be bad at all, really, except that those bogies were our best holes on the day. Zero and I played 18 holes of golf yesterday, and performed exactly on par with our normal game. We both scored the same as we did the last time out. One more outing, and Zero gets his very own official handicap. We'll barmitzvah in to celebrate it.

The problem with blogging on the weekend is that come Monday, you've already mentioned things worth mentioning, and got nothing to get the day rolling. That being the case, I'm going to see if I can get away with taking a nap at work at 10 am. Not tired or anything, and I have stuff to do, but the sun coming through the window does make one's eyes grow heavy.

March 9, 2004

Another thing to not do

When you play raquetball, I recommend that you do not hit your wrist really hard with the raquet. Even if you still hit the ball, and even if it is an accident. Because it will hurt. And it will keep hurting through the next day. Don't ask me how I know, just take my knowledge as truth and go on.

Just two more sessions of kickboxing and we will be done until the next class. But I think the plan is to take at least a session off from the kickboxing. Play a little more raquetball, maybe run some more, and see if we feel like doing more boxing in about two months.

It is shaping up to be a slow day at work. Maybe I'll manage to get something done if nothing else decides to break today. And maybe a visiting sheik will pick my name out of a phone book and decide to heap great riches upon me. The odds are about the same.

March 10, 2004

I should blog

I should also change the polls. I'll get around to that, soon.

Anyone out there able to tell me exactly how I can downgrade my compiler from gcc-2.96-86 to gcc-2.95? I can't find any files for 2.95, and I am trying to compile some old crap that needs it. Anyone? Didn't think so.

Got an email from my friend in Chicago today, whom I think we shall call Prosper. She wondered why she had not heard from me in a while. I failed to call her on her birthday. Made no mention of it on the blog. She would like me to think she sat home by the phone all day waiting, but we all know that's not true. I'll call her next year for it though, assuming she doesn't change her phone number again, and neglect to tell me. Again. (how many times is this now, Prosper?)

Now that that is out of the way, where are we? Oh yes, a wedding is forthcoming in about three days. So Ninsi and I will both be out of commission this weekend whilst we go to Arkansas for Jessy's nuptials. We'll be stopping in McAlester on the way to visit my grandmother. She broke her hip and fell last Friday (or fell and broke her hip, im not sure which was first) and so they had to replace it with a false one. Depending on timing, we may stop by on the way back Sunday as well. She hasn't seen my beard, but I doubt she'll say much about it anyway.

In other news, if tried to do something, and it cost me several toes, I think I might be inclined to not do it again. Or at least think really, really hard on it first and what gain there was to be had. That doesn't hold true for this particular nut.


March 11, 2004

Lord love a frog

As will be quickly pointed out on Ninsi's and Bunny's blogs, we went and saw Triplets of Bellville last night. My advice is to save your dime. I do not think that I was expecting a whole lot from it, but I got even less than that. Outside of a few scenes with some frogs, it wasn't all that great.

Last day of work for me this week. Tomorrow I get to pack for the weekend, and then pick up Ninsi a couple hours early and off we go. I'm sure the packing will take all morning and I wont play a game at all or anything. I asked Ninsi a bit ago what she thought the odds were of getting Monkey to bring me my new warhammer dudes this evening. She replied with 'no'. 'No' is not an answer to an odds question, so I think that means things are tilted in my favor. Or we could cruise over that way after raquetball and have some Ron's on the way...
Any takers?

I'm off to mastermind plots to get Ninsi out of her current job that don't involve bloodshed. ciao

March 12, 2004

Cocked, locked, ready to rock

Or drive, or ride as the case may be. I'm all packed up and ready for the big trip to ArKanSas. Should be simply faboo. Ninsi is droning away the day at work, and I'll be off to get her in about 2 hours. She told me I needed to blog so she'd have something to read. Here it is. Ive done about all I had to do today, which was gas up the car, and get packed. Did some laundry. Now I think I'll read or play for an hour. Wooga.

March 15, 2004

Holy beeping Pong, Batman

I am surrounded by computers. There is a couple dozen in this room. One of them is beeping this morning. 'boop beep', 'beep beep', 'beep', 'beep boop', and so on, and so on. It seriously sounds like someone is playing Pong right behind me. And we do not know why it's beeping. And we do not know the password offhand to log into it. Since it still seems to be doing what it's supposed to be doing as far as its server duties are concerned, the beeping is not a high priority.

The beeping will drive me completely nutters soon, though, I fear. It really does sound like Pong.

Arkansas - not a fifth gear state.

The title is my vote as to what should be the new state motto for Arkansas. Ninsi and I drove over to Eureka Springs from Tulsa on Saturday for the ceremonial wedding bliss that was Jessy's and Jackie's. Driving up through the Ozarks in a manual transmission sportscar when it is raining, and no one in front of you wants to go more than 25 mph is not a good time. Even in prime conditions, it would be difficult to go more than 35 mph most of the time. We did, however, eventually arrive at the hotel.

We managed a quick lunch around 3. Which I think was the cutoff point. People that tried to enter the restaurant after us were told it was closed. So, quick lunch, change of clothes, and we went off to find Neko and Agent V. Then downstairs to hang out in the hall until it was time for the vows. Jessy seemed fairly nervous/excited, and was shaking not unlike a cold chihuahua. Kelly, the maid of Honor, was calm, commanding, and clearly in charge.

Wedding starts, and 7.5 minutes later, there were two fewer single people in the world. Grats to the happy couple. Then much drinking commenced. There was some pool, some poker, and some darts, and some more drinking. No fights, no screaming, nothing terribly untoward at all. Just a general good time by all.

I have about 100 pictures of the whole day. I've gone through a few, and will put a few of them online later this week when I've had a chance to edit them a little.

The trip back was every bit as exciting as the trip up, minus the rain. I took quite a few pictures of Arkansas as we were driving, and may put them up in some sort of homage/montage to the experience. I really can't say enough bad things about the state. Perhaps I can say it better with pictures of random shacks and fire hydrants. We'll know in a few days if I can get around to it.

Congratulations again to Jackie and Jessy.

More later Im sure. And Im sure Ninsi will have more to say and can say it better than I can anyway. I have to go get the baseball bat out of my trunk so I can use this computer behind me to play real live pong...

Is everybody in?

And here is a none to terribly interesting thing on UFOs.

The real point of this entry is to remind Jessy to blog on the Three's Company type incident to which she was a party.

March 16, 2004

Movin on up

Busy day mostly. If I do not blog by noon, it is usually because I have been busy, or there is to much going on for me to sit down and do it. The morning was just problematic. A couple new people starting, a department without connectivity.

So I took a two hour lunch.

After lunch, I moved to my new office. I won't be freezing my nuts off in the new office. It has quite the opposite problem. It will be burning hot. Especially since I brought four PCs in here with me. Going to have to get some fans. Im fairly sure they will not blow a circuit though, as a space heater surely will.

The new office is also in a noisier spot. Im right next to a couple of recording studios, and sound editing studios. I'm fairly sure that I will soon know a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episodes by heart, without ever having actually seen them. On the plus side, I have already noted that the voice actresses are pretty freaking hot, and I will be able to see them a lot more from here.

I went through and got pics ready to post last night, so tonight I'll spend half an hour or so and actually put some up. Jessy has some up already. Ill put up a few, and Neko can show everyone that she was actually in attendence.


At long last, pictures of Jessy's Wedding are up.

March 17, 2004

love is for those that fail at living alone

Finally got the new office mostly cleaned up enough to actually do work and stuff. It's in a much higher traffic area, so I may need to keep the door mostly closed, or just slightly ajar, and put a nasty 'go away' type poster on it. Nothing on the walls yet. But I do have a nice view of 820, and Ryan's Steakhouse, which according to the sign is 'Now open on Monday'

Ninsi continues to weave her tale of our meeting. I'm sure she remembers it all much better than do I.

Bad week for working out, since we didnt last night, and will not again tonight. On the plus side, I did finish Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of Underdark. On the down side, my grandmother was put back into ICU yesterday. The drugs are confusing her greatly, and she thinks she's at home part of the time, and tries to get out of bed. She fell a little over a week ago, and had to get a new hip, so trying to get out of the bed isn't something she should be doing.

In other news, Australia is hit by Locust Plague of nigh biblical proportions.

March 18, 2004


Well, since no one else has, I reckon I'll start the recount of yesterday evenings festivities.

First out, Zero and I were a little late getting to Bennigan's because when we got home, Mira was out. She's just insane about getting out of the back yard. Ninsi did beat us to Bennigan's and secured a table in the back. We finally arrived around 5:45 or so. After sitting and waiting for about 20 minute and seeing no sign of waitstaff, Zero bellied up to the bar and got us a round of Irish Car Bombs. All things consider, the bombs were fucking nasty.

Eventually, T (waitress) did come to attend to us, and took some drink and appetizer orders. Zero and Ninsi got into the holiday spirit with temporary tattoos for their heads. Soon, Jose showed up, and I somehow managed to not put up a picture of him, but may later if I remember. He order some beer, and a sampler appetizer. Zero, and I had by this time already ordered a full meal and Ninsi a 'Death by Chocolate.'

Non-Girlfriend (NGF) gave us some tongue when she arrived. Bunny put on NGFs boa. I dont know why. By all counts, it was molty and smelly and scratchy. But I guess it looks good, so fashion points maybe? I guess the boa couldn't have been to bad, since Zero also got in some boa action too.

Soon we were joined by NGF friend, Princette, of whom I also have no pictures. Maybe Zero does. He took some as well. And finally by our kickboxing instructor, Codename M(CnM). Sometime between the time that Princette and CnM arrived, Jose finally got his appetizer. It took nearly an hour and a half. That was bad enough, but almost understandable considering the holiday and everything. Was made it worse, however, was that at one point, the guy came out with an appetizer, laid it on the table, and as Zero was reaching for it, the guy snatched it back, and said "Oh, sorry, this is not yours." It looked right though. As I said, that made it worse. It became simply innane, when, 30 minutes later, the guy does the exact fucking same thing again. Puts down an appetizer, then snatches it back. Complaints were made to T and the manager, and finnally, after an interminable time, we received what is heretofore known as the Holy Appetizer. Draw your own conclusions.

There were some lengthy lines to the bathrooms, and that's to be expected. Im sure there were probably some women peeing in the men's room too. There may have even been some men and women in there together, who knows. And there was at least one fight. A fair chunk of the crowd seemed to be the frat party group, and this was just another kegger. Irving PD put at least two in handcuffs, and tossed out 3 more. Then, while we were sitting there, I watched Irving PD throw down one guy and I thought they were going to go Rodney King on his ass, but did not. I really tried to take some pics of the blue boys standing over this tard they had thrown to the ground, but I was getting to much reflection off the glass, and couldn't turn the flash off the camera quick enough. The tard's girlfriend was there too. I couldn't tell if she was yelling at tard to stop being an ass and get in the car, or if she was yelling at the cops. I think she was yelling at tard, because Irving PD didnt even look at her.

After all that excitement though, and since it was a school night to boot, Ninsi and I left. Relatively early, but I think we had about enough for the evening. Met some cool new folk, and had a few beers. Not a bad outing.

A clearing sky

By the way, Bunny, did Ninsi happen to let you know that I have re-aquired a couple of those DVDs that you never saw the end of?

"high school girls,
high school girls,
all for me,
high school girls."

March 19, 2004

In the Navy

Ninsi almost has me talked into taking the Foreign Service Exam. I dont know why. We already know that I am to tall to be a British spy. They have a hard cap at like 5' 10" or something, and Im a full 6'. Maybe I could get stationed in Seychelles, since I do get visitors from there, and they never fucking leave comments. So I could go around and grab random Seashellians by the collar and hang them upside down by their toes screaming at them "Why didnt you just fucking comment???" I think it's an island group in the Indean Ocean. Id also probably spend a fair amount of time walking up to them and asking "Do you have a Seychellian sister named Suzy selling Seychellian seashells?" Id do this for eight months, until one of them would finally enlighten me by saying "It looks like 'seashell' but is pronounced 'shut the fuck up'."

Some people are really stupid, and when they fuck with my sciene, it's really annoying.

March 22, 2004


Yes, well, there's not much. It was primarily a golfing weekend, I'd say. There was the extended happy hour at Joe Ts, during which I nearly had to take phones away from both Zero and Bunny. As near as I could tell, it was there mission to call everyone in both phone books and harrass them. Some people were so fortunate as to get 3-4 calls.

Okay, so not much golfing Friday, but Saturday, Zero and I did take a much needed lesson, and then went to a par 3 for a while. More lessons will undoubtably follow. Zero and I went to the cook out of some dude he works with, and there I play, for the second weekend running, drunken darts. The competition was a hella lot cuter the first time though. We picked Ninsi up from the hotel on the way home and had few more drinks once we got there. They both managed to pass out while watching the Matrix, so needless to say, we went to bed.

Sunday was more golf for Zero and I. Played with three guys that I work with here. After a rough start (no pun intended) I finnally started hit pretty well on the back nine. I even used my daughter's club, which is about 15 inches to short more me, to hit one drive, and got about 200 yards out of it, I think. My boss played that ball, since he had already lost two on the hole off the tee. When we got home, Ninsi was already well into her third bottle of beer, so we just let her finish that off before heading to dinner.

I also managed to get started painting on my Raiders again, so hopefully in a few weeks, my army will be totally painted. oh, ah, ain't i exciting.

March 23, 2004

Weather hos

It looks like the pixie page is back up. So I did this.

Bigus Dorkus

I was called a big dork today, so it must be true. I have tried to find something worthy today, but have so far failed. It has been a busy day at work, much like yesterday, and probably will continue to be so for a few days more. I am hoping to talk my boss into sending me to Atlanta though for a day either towards the end of this month, or sometime in April. We have some stuff out there that needs to be shipped here, and it would be a good change for me to visit with the friends I have there, maybe even get in a round of golf...

Everyone seems to be getting exciting about the party. It's still a week and a half off. It's a mere three days though til Poker Night. Should have a pretty good turn-out for that. Maybe even a couple of new faces. Which hopefully translates into a few more dollars for me.

I know everyone has been wondering about the bi-weekly Dragonbowls, and they were put off for a while. It looks like the new season will be starting up tomorrow. I think we're only DragonBowl IV, but I could be miscounting. 5pm in Richland Hills. If you're in the area, come play or watch. Cheerleaders always welcome. Once the time changes, we'll be able to play for even longer, as we no doubt will. Unless some people keep being pussies and leaving at 6.

I think it's nearing time to redo my layout or something. Of course, I can't until I redo Ninsi's first, I know this, but it doesn't stop me from thinking about it.


I work on the second of a four floor building. So it is not everyday that I except to see some dude just hanging around outside my window. It is much more common for me to watch the guys from Ryan's steakhouse change the sign. Today when I walk in though, there is a guy, hanging around outside my window. I thought he was washing all the windows, but mine still has bird shit or something on it, so I'm not sure what was up, other than him. Maybe he just skipped mine. Having a harness wrapped around one's crotch all day might make you skip a few.

March 24, 2004

Let's Fighting Love

Someone was playing that song loudly this morning at work. It's pretty funny, if you've seen the Southpark episode. Speaking of cartoons, I may have to actually watch the Kiddy Grade DVD now. One of the actresses is in this morning, and I overheard her mention that she does Kiddy Grade. I could put a face to the voice now. *drool*

I also notice as I wandered to and fro this morning, that there are a lot of random cups of coffee that get just left in this office. My boss left his in my office yesterday, and I just saw another cup at a random, unoccupied spot, on my way to another room. Still steaming cups, it's like a bad sci-fi movie where people just get randomly snatched and leave only their beverage.

About two mornings of any given week, I encounter traffic problems to one degree or another on the way to work. I expect it, and it doesn't bother me a whole lot, other than the fact that it is just annoying. If I absolutely had to be at work by 8 am or something, then I'd be pissy about it, as it is, I just marvel at the bad drivers.

So today is supposed to be a day for playing football. It is also supposed to be somewhat rainy. I dont mind the rain. Football is made to be played in the rain. It is my fear, however, that on account of potential rain, we may not play. Somehow, the rain will turn several of the normally penis-endowed guys that work here into huge wanking pussies. We haven't played in over a month, and I blame them. If we dont play today, I may have to resort back to the time tested 'Crotch Hammer' as a way of demonstrating my displeasure. Ah yes, massive force applied via heavy object to someone else's nether regions, good times, good times.

In other news, there's nothing wrong with the youth of America, it's the damn old people that are the scammers.

World of wonder

Does anyone else run the very real risk of being hit in the head by a frisbee while they are working away? I have not been hit yet, but the frisbee does occassionnally hit my door which is about 2/3 closed. If it were all the way open, the flying disc would sail right in.

There is also the beach ball thing. It's not a normal beach ball, it's a full three foot in diameter. Farking huge.

Anyone else have these issues at work? Or just me? I'm not complaining, mind you, I think it's faboo. Im just curious if it's just my workplace though.


god damned pussies. It's been over a fucking month now and they knew well in advance that we were going to play today, and now just enough of the fucking cunt-faces have backed out. No Dragonbowl today. It's not enough fucking wet, and you're worried about getting your shoes muddy? bastards. The lot of them.

March 25, 2004

What's in a name?

Most people by now have noticed the two polls over on the left side. One questions whether a keg, flowing forth with frothy beer, should be installed. Most people seem to think it is a capital idea. I think it would be novel, but beyond that, am largely indifferent. It might result in a smaller selection of beer when we have parties because people might think "They have a keg, so I do not need to bring any beer, so I will take chips instead." On the other hand, on those lazy Summer Saturdays when we're sitting by the pool, having a keg would almost completely negate the "Oh shit, it is 7 pm and we are out of beer, but not quite able to drive" problem.

The other poll questions the desirability of having themed parties. At least one person seems to not know what we mean by that, so I'll explain. At its m ost simple, a themed party is a gathering with a theme. Simple, eh? By way of example: the theme could be "Roaring 20s" and in that case, everyone would have to dress in clothes appropriate for the era. You could easily do one for any decade, though the 80 would have a lot of big hair, white gloves, and red jackets, and the 90s would be mostly grunge. Another possibility is something like "Saints and Sinners", in which everyone must dress as either a pimp or whore (sinner) or as a religious personage, like the Pope, a nun, priest, Joan of Arc, etc (saints). It is perfectly acceptable for someone to dress up in a vinyl nun's habit and thereby fall into both categories. Ninsi had quite a few ideas herself:

"bird of a feather" - everyone wears something with feathers
"Smiley Happy People" - gotta wear smiley faces
"fashion fetish" - use your imagination people
"Diety" - generally greek/roman, looks not unlike a toga party...
"Toga" - everyone must wear a toga

There is also always the potential for theme based games and prizes. It is too late to attempt a theme for the upcoming shindig on the 3rd. Perhaps we will explore the idea more for a party to be named this Summer. I hope that clears up any questions people may have had as to what a Themed party was.

I had other stuff to blog about, but I forgot what all at the moment. Zero called me and we managed to talk for almost one minute before he lost the signal. Maine must truly be a joy. And I'm surprised no one has mentioned the mutant four-eared cat in Germany yet...

jack's colon

So, yesterday my brother called and told me that the doctors had found a tumor in my grandmother's colon. My mother called me later to confirm, and said she would let me know when they were going to operate or whatever. My brother just called again, to let me know that she just got out of surgery and they had removed about eight inches of her colon. Everything went swell. I just wish they had told me before that it was happening today. It's almost like back when I was in college, and I would come home every month or so, and get family updates. I talked to my mom, but any real news I only got when I was home. Stuff like "Oh, I moved out; Im getting a divorce; btw Im remarried," just kinda happened when I was in school. Every time I went home, I felt like I was tuning into the 'next weeks exciting episode.' Anyway, random ranting.

I suspect there is a margarita in my near future at Blue Mesa this evening as we are going to get together with co-workers, since one of them's last day is tomorrow.

March 26, 2004

Girls girls girls, you bet we do

When I lived in Norman, there was a road that one could take out of town, "Sooner Road" or something like that, that went mostly North. It would eventually take you to Oklahoma City, or a highway that one might take to go to Tulsa. Along the way, there was a club by the name of 'Silver Dolla', no R. Outside, it had one of those large signs with the light bulbs and the big arrow on it, and the proprieter could change whatever the sign said anytime they wanted to. This particular sign, however, every time I saw it, over the course of a couple years, never said anything more, nor anything less than "Girls girls girls, you bet we do." It was a rather run down, rat hole strip club, with girls that largely fit the same description. I do not know why I think of it now, but I did. So there you go.

Finally nearing the end of an inordinately busy work week. One in which you seem to always have something else to do, but never actually get much done. Lots of small things that have to be done right away keep popping up in front of the main projects you're really trying to work on. It's the weekend now, and poker night to boot. I think I might get drunk.

I have a friend out there, and their life has become very chaotic of late. They are very down, bordering on depression right now. We know that it will just take some time to get things settled down, and all will be well again, but in the meantime, it is very frustrating to want to do something for a good friend, but be completely unable to do anything for whatever reasons.

Everyone read about the tanker that like exploded on the highway? No one was killed, which makes me think that as soon as it crashed, the driver jumped out, and started running. And when you see the driver of the tanker hauling ass the other way, odds are you are going to do the same...

I need Dr Pepper. With a vodka chaser.

March 29, 2004

botched bris

Well, I had to remove the poll asking if we needed a keg or not. It became a moot point Friday evening. By the time I got home, Zero had already purchased a 'keg-erator,' which is just a mini-refrigerator with a built in spout and tap for a half-keg of beer. Acquiring the fridge was quite easily done in comparison to actually getting the keg, and CO2 to make it work. Not to get into the grimey details, but suffice to say:

1) Not all liquor stores sell kegs
2) Those that sell kegs do not necessarily refill CO2 canisters, or even know what they are
3) Stores that sell kegs usually need a couple hours, or a day notice, to get you a keg of Shiner, and
4) You can't refill the CO2 if you leave the canister at the house when you go to dinner.

Suffice to say, however, that through some of the most gratuitous use of cellular phones since the Clinton administration, we were able to secure the keg of Shiner, and a canister of CO2. After that, installation was easy, and we were able to settle in as people started to arrive to play some cards. In the interest of brevity, a good time was had by all, I think.

Saturday, piddled around, got rained on when trying to go play mini-golf. Went to 4-day weekend in Ft Worth.

Sunday, Ninsi got a new job, and we braved the ghetto Wal-Mart supercenter in search of tule and potting soil. Zero also got one of those invisible dog fence things that shock dogs if they go to far from a spot to try to keep Mira from digging out of the yard. We installed it, and put the collar on her, and it did not even phase her. To much fur. She couldn't even feel the shock. Invisible fences are worth ass. I believe he has ordered an electric wire instead. That will not only definately keep the dog from digging under the fence, it will also present a plethora of possibilities for the next gathering in which someone hopefully gets a little too drunk.

March 30, 2004

If at first you don't succeed...

Tuesday. We're trying again this afternoon. It's a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. At all. It's warm. Temperature should be 75 or so today. There will be no valid excuse for the pussies to not play football today. The Dragonbowl will happen. It damn well better, because no one is answering the phone at the rec center, which means I can not reserve a racquetball court for tonight.

This is the downside to having a window office. You look outside, and just want to be out there. At least it doesn't overlook a park or anything. My old window overlooked an apartment complex, and that could have been distracting towards the Summer. Now, all I see are restaurants and the highway. I still want to be outside. Doing I dont care what. Perfect day for the dog park. Or the golf course. Or Volleyball.

Must ...stop thinking ...about ...outside...

Oh, it seems Zero and I have both reached the same conclusion about the beer fridge. It is almost too convenient. Yesterday morning as I walked out of the laudry room and passed the fridge, I thought "Hey, I should have a glass of beer," and then I realized that it was not quite 8 am and that might be a bad idea. You almost start to fill a cup without quite realizing it. It's one thing to go have a liquid lunch from work. Quite another to get pulled over for DUI on your way to work...

Oh, look at that, I just noticed that some business has one of those large digital signs with the time and temperature flashing. I can see it quite easily. It's 71 degrees... le sigh.

March 31, 2004

It was an accident

Wardrobe malfunctions apparently really do happen. One occurred with me yesterday during Dragonbowl. It was not of Superbowl caliber, mind you, no naughty bits were exposed, just a little flesh. Fairly early in the game yesterday, I caught a pass and began to streak towards the end zone, as one is supposed to do. We actually have flags now, so instead of trying to tag someone with two hands, we just grab the flag. Well, someone tried to grab my flag, but my juke left them with shirt and they pulled and it ripped. Then another did the same thing only the part they grapped came off completely. Another twist and juke, though, and I was in the end zone, sans two inches from the back of my shirt. So, there you have it, my very own malfunction, and I'm left with a shirt that Ninsi will not let me wear in public anymore. At least not when she is around...

So anyway, that's about it. Dragonbowl is a success again. We'll hope it lasts. It's midweek, so we have to start cleaning house for the party. I really wish we could get an idea of how many were going to show. Ninsi is a Kato. Im fairly sure she is still in bed.

In other news, people actually do resemble their dogs, and I suppose if you've gotta go, it's best to do it the way you want.

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