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Another thing to not do

When you play raquetball, I recommend that you do not hit your wrist really hard with the raquet. Even if you still hit the ball, and even if it is an accident. Because it will hurt. And it will keep hurting through the next day. Don't ask me how I know, just take my knowledge as truth and go on.

Just two more sessions of kickboxing and we will be done until the next class. But I think the plan is to take at least a session off from the kickboxing. Play a little more raquetball, maybe run some more, and see if we feel like doing more boxing in about two months.

It is shaping up to be a slow day at work. Maybe I'll manage to get something done if nothing else decides to break today. And maybe a visiting sheik will pick my name out of a phone book and decide to heap great riches upon me. The odds are about the same.

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Maybe since you are so slow, you could add a link or two.... :)

Okay, I don't understand the fascination with kickboxing, probably because my lazy ass has never tried it. Please explain. And does it hurt? I tend to bruise very easily (like if my 12 pound dog jumps on my lap) - would this NOT be the workout regimen for me? I am seeking your wisdom...

Kickboxing is really just the title of the class. The regime during class consists of any of the following: walking, running, skipping, kicking (front and side) while we walk, lunges (in place or while walking), squats, crunches, leg lifts, push ups, and then of course punching/kicking a punching bag. We never actually punch/kick eachother (on purpose). I too bruise incredibly easily, and I've never gotten a bruise from kickboxing (lots from racquetball though)

Hmm, so it's more like "Tai Bo"?

tai bo involves a lot more kicking and punching than we even do. It's more like just a workout class, that throws in a bit of kicking and punching for fun.

thank you!


Ooohhh...I love kickboxing. I'm an addict.

Where do you go? Not available at my gym.

We go to the rec center here in Irving near where we live. It's very cheap. $25 for ~ 8 weeks.

Which one is that? I cannot believe DAC (cousin of the Valley Ranch club) does not even offer yoga. Found a cheap place in Bishop Arts district but have yet to haul my lazy butt out there to check them out.


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