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Arkansas - not a fifth gear state.

The title is my vote as to what should be the new state motto for Arkansas. Ninsi and I drove over to Eureka Springs from Tulsa on Saturday for the ceremonial wedding bliss that was Jessy's and Jackie's. Driving up through the Ozarks in a manual transmission sportscar when it is raining, and no one in front of you wants to go more than 25 mph is not a good time. Even in prime conditions, it would be difficult to go more than 35 mph most of the time. We did, however, eventually arrive at the hotel.

We managed a quick lunch around 3. Which I think was the cutoff point. People that tried to enter the restaurant after us were told it was closed. So, quick lunch, change of clothes, and we went off to find Neko and Agent V. Then downstairs to hang out in the hall until it was time for the vows. Jessy seemed fairly nervous/excited, and was shaking not unlike a cold chihuahua. Kelly, the maid of Honor, was calm, commanding, and clearly in charge.

Wedding starts, and 7.5 minutes later, there were two fewer single people in the world. Grats to the happy couple. Then much drinking commenced. There was some pool, some poker, and some darts, and some more drinking. No fights, no screaming, nothing terribly untoward at all. Just a general good time by all.

I have about 100 pictures of the whole day. I've gone through a few, and will put a few of them online later this week when I've had a chance to edit them a little.

The trip back was every bit as exciting as the trip up, minus the rain. I took quite a few pictures of Arkansas as we were driving, and may put them up in some sort of homage/montage to the experience. I really can't say enough bad things about the state. Perhaps I can say it better with pictures of random shacks and fire hydrants. We'll know in a few days if I can get around to it.

Congratulations again to Jackie and Jessy.

More later Im sure. And Im sure Ninsi will have more to say and can say it better than I can anyway. I have to go get the baseball bat out of my trunk so I can use this computer behind me to play real live pong...

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I moved here from California and hopefully will be leaving sometime in the near future, but there aren't enough negative words in any written, spoken, or imagined language to properly describe this horrid state. I hate Arkansas. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures though.


i don't mind arkansas so much, but except for a two year stint in texas, i've always lived here. i do like fayetteville. i thought texas was pretty hideous.

And NW Arkansas is actually the NICE portion of the state...

Oh, that's right. I forget that you are a native of the state, Hag. My sympathies...

Neko, you only hated texas cuz you didn't know the right people.
Come back visit again, and we'll show you why texas is not hideos.
3 weeks. April 2nd - 5th. BIG party weekend.
Friday night - who knows
Saturday night - drunken revalry in celebration of phlome getting older
Sunday night - church in celebration of ninsi's lucky day.
Monday - recovery.


I'm already putting in to take that Monday off. :)
I think friday we should do "pub crawl."


we're going to try our damnedest to be there. we probably won't make it until saturday sometime and will have to leave sunday afternoon unless i can swing a day off, which is not likely. so i might miss the church, but i'll be back to go at some point.


i personally can't wait to leave arkansas, either. as soon as our schoolin' is done, we're either moving to the middle of nowhere arkansas or the middle of everything somewhere else.

i vote for the middle of everything somewhere else - dallas is a good middle of everythign - so is atlanta.


Yeah, The Musician and I are just waiting for him to finish school too, then it's off to Savannah Georgia for more school then back to my home state of California. But it will be a good deal of time before I get to see CA again.


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