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Bigus Dorkus

I was called a big dork today, so it must be true. I have tried to find something worthy today, but have so far failed. It has been a busy day at work, much like yesterday, and probably will continue to be so for a few days more. I am hoping to talk my boss into sending me to Atlanta though for a day either towards the end of this month, or sometime in April. We have some stuff out there that needs to be shipped here, and it would be a good change for me to visit with the friends I have there, maybe even get in a round of golf...

Everyone seems to be getting exciting about the party. It's still a week and a half off. It's a mere three days though til Poker Night. Should have a pretty good turn-out for that. Maybe even a couple of new faces. Which hopefully translates into a few more dollars for me.

I know everyone has been wondering about the bi-weekly Dragonbowls, and they were put off for a while. It looks like the new season will be starting up tomorrow. I think we're only DragonBowl IV, but I could be miscounting. 5pm in Richland Hills. If you're in the area, come play or watch. Cheerleaders always welcome. Once the time changes, we'll be able to play for even longer, as we no doubt will. Unless some people keep being pussies and leaving at 6.

I think it's nearing time to redo my layout or something. Of course, I can't until I redo Ninsi's first, I know this, but it doesn't stop me from thinking about it.


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