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Bogey at 6 o'clock

Actually, there were only two bogies on my part. And one more on Zero's part. That would not be bad at all, really, except that those bogies were our best holes on the day. Zero and I played 18 holes of golf yesterday, and performed exactly on par with our normal game. We both scored the same as we did the last time out. One more outing, and Zero gets his very own official handicap. We'll barmitzvah in to celebrate it.

The problem with blogging on the weekend is that come Monday, you've already mentioned things worth mentioning, and got nothing to get the day rolling. That being the case, I'm going to see if I can get away with taking a nap at work at 10 am. Not tired or anything, and I have stuff to do, but the sun coming through the window does make one's eyes grow heavy.

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is it time for a new poll yet?

Your golf posts don't tend to elicit many comments.

Snoop Dogg does make quite the caddy in Starsky & Hutch.


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