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botched bris

Well, I had to remove the poll asking if we needed a keg or not. It became a moot point Friday evening. By the time I got home, Zero had already purchased a 'keg-erator,' which is just a mini-refrigerator with a built in spout and tap for a half-keg of beer. Acquiring the fridge was quite easily done in comparison to actually getting the keg, and CO2 to make it work. Not to get into the grimey details, but suffice to say:

1) Not all liquor stores sell kegs
2) Those that sell kegs do not necessarily refill CO2 canisters, or even know what they are
3) Stores that sell kegs usually need a couple hours, or a day notice, to get you a keg of Shiner, and
4) You can't refill the CO2 if you leave the canister at the house when you go to dinner.

Suffice to say, however, that through some of the most gratuitous use of cellular phones since the Clinton administration, we were able to secure the keg of Shiner, and a canister of CO2. After that, installation was easy, and we were able to settle in as people started to arrive to play some cards. In the interest of brevity, a good time was had by all, I think.

Saturday, piddled around, got rained on when trying to go play mini-golf. Went to 4-day weekend in Ft Worth.

Sunday, Ninsi got a new job, and we braved the ghetto Wal-Mart supercenter in search of tule and potting soil. Zero also got one of those invisible dog fence things that shock dogs if they go to far from a spot to try to keep Mira from digging out of the yard. We installed it, and put the collar on her, and it did not even phase her. To much fur. She couldn't even feel the shock. Invisible fences are worth ass. I believe he has ordered an electric wire instead. That will not only definately keep the dog from digging under the fence, it will also present a plethora of possibilities for the next gathering in which someone hopefully gets a little too drunk.

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Ninsi get's persnickity:

over use of the phrase "suffice to say"
Tulle, not tule.
There was also some gratuitous use of cell phones at the poker tables.
But i did find it amusing (though I kept it to myself) running around sayng "where's my tool!?"
"My tool is all over the floor" heh heh heh heh heh heh I said tool. Sometimes I realize I watched entirely too much Beavis and Butthead while growing up.


I think the phrase "plethora of possibilities" is my favorite.

Suffice to say, Channel Zero and Notival posts today are redundant, although interesting in that whole, looking at the same event from different perspectives thing. Maybe everyone in the blogosphere should post about Phlome's birthday party in detail and we can compare/contrast.

Suffice to say... electric fences make me think of only one thing... Ren & Stimpy's game, "Don't wiz on the electric fence!" god i loved that show!


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