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Can't live with 'em ...

I got a haircut yesterday. My hair had started to get to my ears, and it was bothering me, so I got it cut. I told Ninsi that I was going to get it cut, and leave the length on the top. She thought that was a bad idea, so I got it all cut, and now it's all short, and she doesn't like that either. She'll tell you that it was all my idea, and that she liked the longer hair, and that she thought I was trying to grow it out. That's partly true, I was thinking of growing it out, but we had some talk the other day that made me decide it wasn't necessary. That, and she that the hair looked pretty bad once day, so I thought that meant it was to long. Apparently, I'm dum.

Katie, if you're reading this, I'll link to you after you've moved to blogspot or something. ;) And after I find a suitable icon. Same reason I haven't linked to Demigoblin yet. No icon, and he's moving to a new locale.

And hey! I got a comment from the non-G/F, which means I've arrived or something.

People today aren't being excessively stupid. Just had one release a virus on us, but I guess that is to be expected, right? I mean, it has to be someone else's fault if they fail to tell us that their virus subscription is running out, even though they get a message EVERY goddamn day and just ignore it. Most of the company has the corporate plan and gets updated automatically, and is no wiser or dumber for it, but there are a few, who for various reasons, require individual service protection.

In other news, I think I could do this. Although, I dont know if I am technically either an amatuer or professional astronomer. Or neither. It's what I have a degree in, (laugh all you want motherfuckers, it's a lot cooler than business, poly-sci, comp-sci, etc even if it's utterly worthless for getting a job or making money) but I dont use it at all, and no longer even have a telescope.

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i want a telescope so bad. i always had those cardboard tube ones when i was a kid, and even though they were cheap, and i had to get a new one every year because i kept leaving them out in the rain, i loved it.



I am so honored to be featured :)

I wouldn't put it that way. It means you've been stalked.

I've been watching you...non-G/F


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