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Do I look like a dealer?

No oscar coverage here. For that, go check out Neko or Bunny. The most underrated aspect of the Oscars? The oscar hos. (or Oscar-whores for the more refined).

It was a peaceful, easy weekend. Spent it with the squid and Ninsi's family in Oklahoma. On the way up to OK, we had stopped at a convenience store to get some cash and a beverage. While I'm at the ATM, so guy walk's over to me, and says, in very low tones:
"can I aks you a questions?"
"can I aks you a question?"
"er, okay."
"you do ice?"
"do you do ice?"
"Uh, no"

So, Im thinking that he was trying to either buy, or sell, some drugs. That, or his drink was to warm, and he needed some help. My first thought was honestly, 'the ice cooler is over there,' but it did not seem to fit the question. My mother informed me that 'ice' is the vernacular for extascy. I thought about that, also, but I have never heard to it referred to as such. Anyway, I apparently either look like a buyer or seller of ice, and possibly other substances as well, so I might have to rethink the whole beard thing pretty soon.

In other news, I had a dream that I cheated on Ninsi. But it was a forgivable cheat, because it was with a demi-goddess. And not the nice kind, but more the really hot, blue skinned, 'you will fuck me now, or I will disembowel you but leave you alive to hang from chains made of bones so that rodentia and ravens can pick and claw at your hanging entrails and mangle nether regions for the next 10,000 years,' kind of demi-goddess. Who am I to say 'no' to that?

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I think it might be the new way you're wearing your hair, not so much the beard.

My hair was more or less styled Friday when I was approached. Unlike yesterday, when it was just au natural.

it's the beard, but despite the fact that your mother hates it (and things I dress like a dress-code breaking little slut) I like the beard.
I like my little drug-dealer boyfriend. You should be making more money and wearing more bling.


Did the demi-goddess havea name?


ninsi, phlome's mother thinks you dress like a slut? that's awful.

not really - that was just my exageration. But she did say that my skirt violated dress-code - she's a teacher. she followed that up by, I used to wear skirts shorter than that, so I dont' think it was meant to be derogetorry, it just made me very self-conscious.
She did tell phlome to "shave that thing off".


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