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Girls girls girls, you bet we do

When I lived in Norman, there was a road that one could take out of town, "Sooner Road" or something like that, that went mostly North. It would eventually take you to Oklahoma City, or a highway that one might take to go to Tulsa. Along the way, there was a club by the name of 'Silver Dolla', no R. Outside, it had one of those large signs with the light bulbs and the big arrow on it, and the proprieter could change whatever the sign said anytime they wanted to. This particular sign, however, every time I saw it, over the course of a couple years, never said anything more, nor anything less than "Girls girls girls, you bet we do." It was a rather run down, rat hole strip club, with girls that largely fit the same description. I do not know why I think of it now, but I did. So there you go.

Finally nearing the end of an inordinately busy work week. One in which you seem to always have something else to do, but never actually get much done. Lots of small things that have to be done right away keep popping up in front of the main projects you're really trying to work on. It's the weekend now, and poker night to boot. I think I might get drunk.

I have a friend out there, and their life has become very chaotic of late. They are very down, bordering on depression right now. We know that it will just take some time to get things settled down, and all will be well again, but in the meantime, it is very frustrating to want to do something for a good friend, but be completely unable to do anything for whatever reasons.

Everyone read about the tanker that like exploded on the highway? No one was killed, which makes me think that as soon as it crashed, the driver jumped out, and started running. And when you see the driver of the tanker hauling ass the other way, odds are you are going to do the same...

I need Dr Pepper. With a vodka chaser.

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i think tonight i may be up for some lemon drops...we need lemmons...
on the other hand me drinking on an emotional day may lead to violence.

Just like St. Paddy's Day and Rodney King-like activity outside.

I have to work tomorrow morning - talk about violence!

That sucks. Please stay at least until Fab D and I arrive!


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