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I should blog

I should also change the polls. I'll get around to that, soon.

Anyone out there able to tell me exactly how I can downgrade my compiler from gcc-2.96-86 to gcc-2.95? I can't find any files for 2.95, and I am trying to compile some old crap that needs it. Anyone? Didn't think so.

Got an email from my friend in Chicago today, whom I think we shall call Prosper. She wondered why she had not heard from me in a while. I failed to call her on her birthday. Made no mention of it on the blog. She would like me to think she sat home by the phone all day waiting, but we all know that's not true. I'll call her next year for it though, assuming she doesn't change her phone number again, and neglect to tell me. Again. (how many times is this now, Prosper?)

Now that that is out of the way, where are we? Oh yes, a wedding is forthcoming in about three days. So Ninsi and I will both be out of commission this weekend whilst we go to Arkansas for Jessy's nuptials. We'll be stopping in McAlester on the way to visit my grandmother. She broke her hip and fell last Friday (or fell and broke her hip, im not sure which was first) and so they had to replace it with a false one. Depending on timing, we may stop by on the way back Sunday as well. She hasn't seen my beard, but I doubt she'll say much about it anyway.

In other news, if tried to do something, and it cost me several toes, I think I might be inclined to not do it again. Or at least think really, really hard on it first and what gain there was to be had. That doesn't hold true for this particular nut.


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Good luck to all on the nuptial thingie. I've been there twice but wish EVERYONE the best.

Secret they don't tell us girls: they are going to continue to litter the house with all kinds of stinky, foul undergarments (or footware things). Ignore it. The stench is worth the "quality time" it allows you.

OR.............become a "spinster" like me. (Can one be a spinster and have been married previously??)


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