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If at first you don't succeed...

Tuesday. We're trying again this afternoon. It's a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky. At all. It's warm. Temperature should be 75 or so today. There will be no valid excuse for the pussies to not play football today. The Dragonbowl will happen. It damn well better, because no one is answering the phone at the rec center, which means I can not reserve a racquetball court for tonight.

This is the downside to having a window office. You look outside, and just want to be out there. At least it doesn't overlook a park or anything. My old window overlooked an apartment complex, and that could have been distracting towards the Summer. Now, all I see are restaurants and the highway. I still want to be outside. Doing I dont care what. Perfect day for the dog park. Or the golf course. Or Volleyball.

Must ...stop thinking ...about ...outside...

Oh, it seems Zero and I have both reached the same conclusion about the beer fridge. It is almost too convenient. Yesterday morning as I walked out of the laudry room and passed the fridge, I thought "Hey, I should have a glass of beer," and then I realized that it was not quite 8 am and that might be a bad idea. You almost start to fill a cup without quite realizing it. It's one thing to go have a liquid lunch from work. Quite another to get pulled over for DUI on your way to work...

Oh, look at that, I just noticed that some business has one of those large digital signs with the time and temperature flashing. I can see it quite easily. It's 71 degrees... le sigh.

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you need a perm link to your pixies

It's a lot warmer there today than here in oklahoma. It's only 58 but sunny.

eh, I could make a perm link to them, but I'd redo the page and at least put the city up so you'd know where they each were.


Luckily somebody parked a graffiti covered shipping container in front of my window at work. It used to say "DEATH" in big letters before they painted over it...

Oh, this is awful, but since you admitted it (at least wanting to do it), so will I.

The 19 year old that works next door to our office (which is located on one of properties) asked me if I had been drinking last night and said I smelled like beer. No, E, that's sauvignon blanc. I don't do beer. And I only had one glass (hair of the dog theory).

It's now official. But do I really have to introduce myself as "Hi, I'm Brenda, and I'm an alcoholic"???

That's the hot little ball of sex E? Grrrl...let him think you're a raging alcoholic and easy to boot!

Eric you need more googlebombing. I couldn't even scroll through enough entries when I googled you to get to Notival.com.

Same goes for Zero. But I know his middle name and found channel-zero.net that way. Can't find Ninsianna with her real name either, which is a good thing, right? Can find FHB only if I google my name, then hit the link from your archives. All that comes up for Chicken is someone in Mississippi.

Try nongirlfriend.

Yes, that's E, the hot little hispanic ball of heavy breathing. God, I hope V doesn't read my favorite blogs. Hell, I don't even think he reads MINE. E's got the most amazing tattoo on his left arm. And right arm. And stomach. (Don't worry, he lifted his shirt one day, that's all.)


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