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In the Navy

Ninsi almost has me talked into taking the Foreign Service Exam. I dont know why. We already know that I am to tall to be a British spy. They have a hard cap at like 5' 10" or something, and Im a full 6'. Maybe I could get stationed in Seychelles, since I do get visitors from there, and they never fucking leave comments. So I could go around and grab random Seashellians by the collar and hang them upside down by their toes screaming at them "Why didnt you just fucking comment???" I think it's an island group in the Indean Ocean. Id also probably spend a fair amount of time walking up to them and asking "Do you have a Seychellian sister named Suzy selling Seychellian seashells?" Id do this for eight months, until one of them would finally enlighten me by saying "It looks like 'seashell' but is pronounced 'shut the fuck up'."

Some people are really stupid, and when they fuck with my sciene, it's really annoying.

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hehe...that made me laugh out loud. fortunately, i'm not at work where the evil v. can turn around and say "what? what's going on? what are you laughing about??" nosy bitch.


i can't follow the top half of your post at all. but i've long been amused my richard hoagland. i saw his mars photos long ago. i thought his artifacts looked exactly like rocks, and was thusly unimpressed. i received my pregnancy email this morning, and in the section for dads, it said something to the effect of 'your spouse will shortly stop making sense and will entirely lose her short term memory for a time. try to see the humor in that.'

Foreign service exam can only help you. It's free, and you can get some awesome jobs if you do well.
And we can split the cost of the $15 study guide, and study together. It'll be like being in school together. :-)

It may have gotten lost in all the drunken dials and other accompanying weirdness, but I only check my referrers for countries and search words too. I think site meter - well I'd have to count the referrers manually or something.

Oooh - today's update: Belgium, Italy, Canada.


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