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It was an accident

Wardrobe malfunctions apparently really do happen. One occurred with me yesterday during Dragonbowl. It was not of Superbowl caliber, mind you, no naughty bits were exposed, just a little flesh. Fairly early in the game yesterday, I caught a pass and began to streak towards the end zone, as one is supposed to do. We actually have flags now, so instead of trying to tag someone with two hands, we just grab the flag. Well, someone tried to grab my flag, but my juke left them with shirt and they pulled and it ripped. Then another did the same thing only the part they grapped came off completely. Another twist and juke, though, and I was in the end zone, sans two inches from the back of my shirt. So, there you have it, my very own malfunction, and I'm left with a shirt that Ninsi will not let me wear in public anymore. At least not when she is around...

So anyway, that's about it. Dragonbowl is a success again. We'll hope it lasts. It's midweek, so we have to start cleaning house for the party. I really wish we could get an idea of how many were going to show. Ninsi is a Kato. Im fairly sure she is still in bed.

In other news, people actually do resemble their dogs, and I suppose if you've gotta go, it's best to do it the way you want.

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aw...nobody commented yesterday? maybe you should stop talking about football. hehe...
i was going to say, though - i don't think i resemble my dogs and from seeing mira and luna, i don't think you guys resemble your dogs either. and jess doesn't look like her maggie. etc. bunch of bunk, that statement.


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