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jack's colon

So, yesterday my brother called and told me that the doctors had found a tumor in my grandmother's colon. My mother called me later to confirm, and said she would let me know when they were going to operate or whatever. My brother just called again, to let me know that she just got out of surgery and they had removed about eight inches of her colon. Everything went swell. I just wish they had told me before that it was happening today. It's almost like back when I was in college, and I would come home every month or so, and get family updates. I talked to my mom, but any real news I only got when I was home. Stuff like "Oh, I moved out; Im getting a divorce; btw Im remarried," just kinda happened when I was in school. Every time I went home, I felt like I was tuning into the 'next weeks exciting episode.' Anyway, random ranting.

I suspect there is a margarita in my near future at Blue Mesa this evening as we are going to get together with co-workers, since one of them's last day is tomorrow.

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i feel for ya in the fact that sometimes family don't let you know things when they should. And also feel for you on the colon cancer thing. My step mom passed away last may from it. well not to scare you but they actually removed it from her colon or whatever, and they thought all was well. then it spread somehow, though the spreading might not have originated from that section.

It's a sucky thing i tell ya. The whole worlds going to hell!

That's good news about your grandmother. I think news like that deserves...a nice blue margarita! For real.

I'm sorry, E. That sucks. My dad has (in remission) bladder cancer and this is how my parents dropped the bombshell: "We've been trying to tell you for three months, but every time you're here, it's talk-talk-talk and then you're gone."

Thanks a lot for the guilt trip. I needed one of those.

Bless your heart. In my experience, they aren't just not telling you to disinclude you but to protect you. I wonder if your grandmother is an extremely private person. We will keep her in our thoughts, as well as you!


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