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Joy to the world

There was a time when if someone's phone stopped working, it was a good thing for the IT department. Now, instead, we get an email that says 'my phone does not work.' Thanks for the info there. Plug it in? Pick up the handset maybe? In the past, a non-working phone might have gone hours or days before someone took the time to actually walk over and tell you it didn't work. Sometimes, I really hate email.

Almost could not get Ninsi to go to kickboxing last night. And when we actually got there, no kickboxing was to be had. Only one other person showed up, so we used the weight room instead and then played raquetball for about an hour and a half.

DragonBowl continues today. We've played 4 times so far. And in four different locations. Location might be the wrong word. Four different spots over two locations. It's all in the same block basically. Can't wait to see where we wind up today. It means I'll be missing Jersey Girl with Ninsi, and I did want to see it, but I needs my football too.

In other news, Feds have released a few names of pro baseball players (Bonds, Sheffield, Giambi) that did receive steroids from Balco. It doesn't say they actually used the roids, just that they players received them. The three named have of course been denying they used any, so obviously they tossed them into the trash as soon as they arrived.

Addendum: The user who's phone did not work... the problem - the phone was unplugged.

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I refuse to comment for comments sake. damn, looks like I'm doing it anyway.
phone lady sounds a lot like my DAC.
He can't figure out how to save email attachments - all of them end up in this random emailattachements folder that he can't find. I've showed him twice and told him multiple times to save as, and select the folder he wants. Instad he just selects save as, and he doesn't select a different folder, so it's still goign into the default email folder. arg


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