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Let's Fighting Love

Someone was playing that song loudly this morning at work. It's pretty funny, if you've seen the Southpark episode. Speaking of cartoons, I may have to actually watch the Kiddy Grade DVD now. One of the actresses is in this morning, and I overheard her mention that she does Kiddy Grade. I could put a face to the voice now. *drool*

I also notice as I wandered to and fro this morning, that there are a lot of random cups of coffee that get just left in this office. My boss left his in my office yesterday, and I just saw another cup at a random, unoccupied spot, on my way to another room. Still steaming cups, it's like a bad sci-fi movie where people just get randomly snatched and leave only their beverage.

About two mornings of any given week, I encounter traffic problems to one degree or another on the way to work. I expect it, and it doesn't bother me a whole lot, other than the fact that it is just annoying. If I absolutely had to be at work by 8 am or something, then I'd be pissy about it, as it is, I just marvel at the bad drivers.

So today is supposed to be a day for playing football. It is also supposed to be somewhat rainy. I dont mind the rain. Football is made to be played in the rain. It is my fear, however, that on account of potential rain, we may not play. Somehow, the rain will turn several of the normally penis-endowed guys that work here into huge wanking pussies. We haven't played in over a month, and I blame them. If we dont play today, I may have to resort back to the time tested 'Crotch Hammer' as a way of demonstrating my displeasure. Ah yes, massive force applied via heavy object to someone else's nether regions, good times, good times.

In other news, there's nothing wrong with the youth of America, it's the damn old people that are the scammers.


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