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Like humans do...

I mentioned the lady yesterday who's phone did not work because it was unplugged. I did not bother to ask why it was unplugged, because I was afraid it would involve the words 'feng shui'. Today, since her phone is working, she calls me first thing, and says her monitor won't come on. It's all black. I asked her if it was unplugged, and she said it wasn't. That there was a light on it. Told her I'd be down in a few minutes, etc., because it would look bad if I went down right away. Ten seconds later she calls back with "It's fine. I touched it, and it works now." While I was sitting in my slightly stunned amazment that she had managed to make it work herself, Ninsi commented that the monitor was most likely in stand-by mode. With which I have to agree. Fucking stand-by mode. If I had gone downstairs and that was the case, it was going to turn into 'bitch-slap the accountant/payroll lady day' for Phlome.

In other news, Mars was once soaking wet. I think we all knew that already.

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you should have responded w/ "wow, you must have the magic touch!"

F-ing idiots. They should not be allowed to procreate.


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