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Lord love a frog

As will be quickly pointed out on Ninsi's and Bunny's blogs, we went and saw Triplets of Bellville last night. My advice is to save your dime. I do not think that I was expecting a whole lot from it, but I got even less than that. Outside of a few scenes with some frogs, it wasn't all that great.

Last day of work for me this week. Tomorrow I get to pack for the weekend, and then pick up Ninsi a couple hours early and off we go. I'm sure the packing will take all morning and I wont play a game at all or anything. I asked Ninsi a bit ago what she thought the odds were of getting Monkey to bring me my new warhammer dudes this evening. She replied with 'no'. 'No' is not an answer to an odds question, so I think that means things are tilted in my favor. Or we could cruise over that way after raquetball and have some Ron's on the way...
Any takers?

I'm off to mastermind plots to get Ninsi out of her current job that don't involve bloodshed. ciao

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ummm Ron's for dinner - guess that mean's I'll be going home for some total for lunch today.

I don't get Ron's. Maybe it's a vast right-wing conspiracy to ruin people's gastrointestinal tracts - kill them from the inside out? It tastes great going down but the problem is when it comes back to bite you...and it always does that.

My tract can handle Ron's just fine. So far, anyway. I figure that so long as it isn't coming back to bite me, I should take advantage of it.


forgive my ignorance, but what is ron's? as in, what kind of cuisine does ron's offer? because it sounds kind of scary....

Phlome, what happened to your links on the right side?

The window isn't shrinking properly. If you dont see the links, then you need to enlarge your window a little bit. Im thinking it has something to do with the poll.

Neko, Ron's is a great hamburger place, with only one location in Texas - it has several locations in tulsa, and possibly throughout oklahoma. The Ron't special is a 1/2 of hamburger meat w/ a thick slice of ham, cheese, fried onions, and various other typical burger topings. But I'll let phlome tell you what his favorite burger is from Ron's Burgers and Chili.

Oh yeah, and I didn't really feel like commenting on the Triplets, you and bunny covered it just fine. I have nothing else to say about the movie.


ron's is just about the best burger place. i used to go there all the time when i lived in tulsa. they tend to put chili on everything. that equals a damn good burger. it never did bother my gastrointestinal tract either, but i eat a lot of horrible things, (i.e., oklahoma native), so a ron's hamburger ain't shit. oh my god, i want one...

we could try and bring you one - but i have a feeling by the time it made it to eureka springs it really wouldn't be that good - burgers don't reheat well


i would imagine that by the time it got to me it would be pretty soggy. i'll get one in tulsa some time, hopefully.

But you could do a disassembled one - patty, chili, sides, and bun all separate - and I bet it would make the journey that way.

What am I saying - with Jess's current and future heartburn woes, Ron's is like a tolltag on the highway to heartburn hell.


this is SO true.


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