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love is for those that fail at living alone

Finally got the new office mostly cleaned up enough to actually do work and stuff. It's in a much higher traffic area, so I may need to keep the door mostly closed, or just slightly ajar, and put a nasty 'go away' type poster on it. Nothing on the walls yet. But I do have a nice view of 820, and Ryan's Steakhouse, which according to the sign is 'Now open on Monday'

Ninsi continues to weave her tale of our meeting. I'm sure she remembers it all much better than do I.

Bad week for working out, since we didnt last night, and will not again tonight. On the plus side, I did finish Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of Underdark. On the down side, my grandmother was put back into ICU yesterday. The drugs are confusing her greatly, and she thinks she's at home part of the time, and tries to get out of bed. She fell a little over a week ago, and had to get a new hip, so trying to get out of the bed isn't something she should be doing.

In other news, Australia is hit by Locust Plague of nigh biblical proportions.

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I'll keep you and your grandmother in my thoughts. I hope she recovers quickly and fully.

Women always remember the way they met their significant (and insignificant) others better than men do. Vicente says, "Uh, two years ago?"

Hope the best for your grandmother.

Oh darn, I didn't blogsurf until just now. I'm sorry your grandmother isn't doing so well.


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