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Movin on up

Busy day mostly. If I do not blog by noon, it is usually because I have been busy, or there is to much going on for me to sit down and do it. The morning was just problematic. A couple new people starting, a department without connectivity.

So I took a two hour lunch.

After lunch, I moved to my new office. I won't be freezing my nuts off in the new office. It has quite the opposite problem. It will be burning hot. Especially since I brought four PCs in here with me. Going to have to get some fans. Im fairly sure they will not blow a circuit though, as a space heater surely will.

The new office is also in a noisier spot. Im right next to a couple of recording studios, and sound editing studios. I'm fairly sure that I will soon know a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episodes by heart, without ever having actually seen them. On the plus side, I have already noted that the voice actresses are pretty freaking hot, and I will be able to see them a lot more from here.

I went through and got pics ready to post last night, so tonight I'll spend half an hour or so and actually put some up. Jessy has some up already. Ill put up a few, and Neko can show everyone that she was actually in attendence.

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Voice Actresses. Go. Fetch. Now.


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