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At long last, pictures of Jessy's Wedding are up.

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Thanks for sharing!
For the record - I like your beard!


good captions too. see everyone. i was at the wedding. from the pictures i've seen so far it looks like i was constantly either smiling as big as i could or staring vacantly at someone/the wall/champagne/etc.

Entirely too many pictures of my tongue.


I think that's your standard reaction to someone taking a picture of you. :)

I should really stop that. It's rather embarrassing. Half the time i'm trying to get my tongue back in before phlome can actually take the picture.

Phlome! Come to work w/ eyeliner on man! you look intimidating! :) Think i'm in love w/ Neko. She's just to damn adorable for her own good! Eric I love the picture that was taken of you from a low area.


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