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Well, since no one else has, I reckon I'll start the recount of yesterday evenings festivities.

First out, Zero and I were a little late getting to Bennigan's because when we got home, Mira was out. She's just insane about getting out of the back yard. Ninsi did beat us to Bennigan's and secured a table in the back. We finally arrived around 5:45 or so. After sitting and waiting for about 20 minute and seeing no sign of waitstaff, Zero bellied up to the bar and got us a round of Irish Car Bombs. All things consider, the bombs were fucking nasty.

Eventually, T (waitress) did come to attend to us, and took some drink and appetizer orders. Zero and Ninsi got into the holiday spirit with temporary tattoos for their heads. Soon, Jose showed up, and I somehow managed to not put up a picture of him, but may later if I remember. He order some beer, and a sampler appetizer. Zero, and I had by this time already ordered a full meal and Ninsi a 'Death by Chocolate.'

Non-Girlfriend (NGF) gave us some tongue when she arrived. Bunny put on NGFs boa. I dont know why. By all counts, it was molty and smelly and scratchy. But I guess it looks good, so fashion points maybe? I guess the boa couldn't have been to bad, since Zero also got in some boa action too.

Soon we were joined by NGF friend, Princette, of whom I also have no pictures. Maybe Zero does. He took some as well. And finally by our kickboxing instructor, Codename M(CnM). Sometime between the time that Princette and CnM arrived, Jose finally got his appetizer. It took nearly an hour and a half. That was bad enough, but almost understandable considering the holiday and everything. Was made it worse, however, was that at one point, the guy came out with an appetizer, laid it on the table, and as Zero was reaching for it, the guy snatched it back, and said "Oh, sorry, this is not yours." It looked right though. As I said, that made it worse. It became simply innane, when, 30 minutes later, the guy does the exact fucking same thing again. Puts down an appetizer, then snatches it back. Complaints were made to T and the manager, and finnally, after an interminable time, we received what is heretofore known as the Holy Appetizer. Draw your own conclusions.

There were some lengthy lines to the bathrooms, and that's to be expected. Im sure there were probably some women peeing in the men's room too. There may have even been some men and women in there together, who knows. And there was at least one fight. A fair chunk of the crowd seemed to be the frat party group, and this was just another kegger. Irving PD put at least two in handcuffs, and tossed out 3 more. Then, while we were sitting there, I watched Irving PD throw down one guy and I thought they were going to go Rodney King on his ass, but did not. I really tried to take some pics of the blue boys standing over this tard they had thrown to the ground, but I was getting to much reflection off the glass, and couldn't turn the flash off the camera quick enough. The tard's girlfriend was there too. I couldn't tell if she was yelling at tard to stop being an ass and get in the car, or if she was yelling at the cops. I think she was yelling at tard, because Irving PD didnt even look at her.

After all that excitement though, and since it was a school night to boot, Ninsi and I left. Relatively early, but I think we had about enough for the evening. Met some cool new folk, and had a few beers. Not a bad outing.

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I got thrown out of the men's room with Dana. They kicked down the door. Princette's pants were around her ankles. I'm sure everyone thought a little more than peeing was going on...

By the way, thanks for posting the attractive "long ass tongue" photo.

no prob. pic of the tongue like that are sure to get you dates. ;)

It is a long tongue - that's for sure.

The death by chocolate made me want to die.
and not in a good way
it was way too much

That's almost a haiku on the Death by Chocolate. I like it.

I don't know... Non-girlfriend is pretty damn cute, but that tounge startles me a tad! :)

Don't let it. It rarely comes out, only at night on drinking holidays.


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