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Yes, well, there's not much. It was primarily a golfing weekend, I'd say. There was the extended happy hour at Joe Ts, during which I nearly had to take phones away from both Zero and Bunny. As near as I could tell, it was there mission to call everyone in both phone books and harrass them. Some people were so fortunate as to get 3-4 calls.

Okay, so not much golfing Friday, but Saturday, Zero and I did take a much needed lesson, and then went to a par 3 for a while. More lessons will undoubtably follow. Zero and I went to the cook out of some dude he works with, and there I play, for the second weekend running, drunken darts. The competition was a hella lot cuter the first time though. We picked Ninsi up from the hotel on the way home and had few more drinks once we got there. They both managed to pass out while watching the Matrix, so needless to say, we went to bed.

Sunday was more golf for Zero and I. Played with three guys that I work with here. After a rough start (no pun intended) I finnally started hit pretty well on the back nine. I even used my daughter's club, which is about 15 inches to short more me, to hit one drive, and got about 200 yards out of it, I think. My boss played that ball, since he had already lost two on the hole off the tee. When we got home, Ninsi was already well into her third bottle of beer, so we just let her finish that off before heading to dinner.

I also managed to get started painting on my Raiders again, so hopefully in a few weeks, my army will be totally painted. oh, ah, ain't i exciting.

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When you told me you were done w/ NeverWinter Nights, I thought I might get my boyfriend back. Guess I was wrong.
It's probably all part of your devious plan to ignore me until I find something else to do, like sew.


did zero at least already know how to play darts? 'cause that was a severe handicap on my part.

Wild, if I click on folk's webpages in this window, it actually opens them IN the comment window. Neko's page doesn't really fit in 320x240 :p

Yah, Zero already knew how to play, once I reminded him of the rules. You're not knowing was mitigated by you getting to stand an extra three feet closer...

Phlome, in prep for poker night, will you review some of the poker games w/me this week? I'll buy pizza or something. Whatever guys like.

No problem. That holds for anyone. If you want to know what we play, or maybe even how to play the basic game of poker, just let me know when, and we'll make it happen.


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