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I work on the second of a four floor building. So it is not everyday that I except to see some dude just hanging around outside my window. It is much more common for me to watch the guys from Ryan's steakhouse change the sign. Today when I walk in though, there is a guy, hanging around outside my window. I thought he was washing all the windows, but mine still has bird shit or something on it, so I'm not sure what was up, other than him. Maybe he just skipped mine. Having a harness wrapped around one's crotch all day might make you skip a few.

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It's not that bad, if you have a good harness...

I want a crotch harness.


WTF voted NO to the keg?

I have a slightly USED crotch harness you can have, Pisser. I'd just hose it down with Lysol first.

Crotch harnesses - was reading about those last night. Anyway...what happened to comments on the poll? I wanted to say something sassy to mitigate my yes vote for your keg. Something about how Shady Manor is already permanently the Old School frat house.

Got a hit from Argentina today. Whooh.


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