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What's in a name?

Most people by now have noticed the two polls over on the left side. One questions whether a keg, flowing forth with frothy beer, should be installed. Most people seem to think it is a capital idea. I think it would be novel, but beyond that, am largely indifferent. It might result in a smaller selection of beer when we have parties because people might think "They have a keg, so I do not need to bring any beer, so I will take chips instead." On the other hand, on those lazy Summer Saturdays when we're sitting by the pool, having a keg would almost completely negate the "Oh shit, it is 7 pm and we are out of beer, but not quite able to drive" problem.

The other poll questions the desirability of having themed parties. At least one person seems to not know what we mean by that, so I'll explain. At its m ost simple, a themed party is a gathering with a theme. Simple, eh? By way of example: the theme could be "Roaring 20s" and in that case, everyone would have to dress in clothes appropriate for the era. You could easily do one for any decade, though the 80 would have a lot of big hair, white gloves, and red jackets, and the 90s would be mostly grunge. Another possibility is something like "Saints and Sinners", in which everyone must dress as either a pimp or whore (sinner) or as a religious personage, like the Pope, a nun, priest, Joan of Arc, etc (saints). It is perfectly acceptable for someone to dress up in a vinyl nun's habit and thereby fall into both categories. Ninsi had quite a few ideas herself:

"bird of a feather" - everyone wears something with feathers
"Smiley Happy People" - gotta wear smiley faces
"fashion fetish" - use your imagination people
"Diety" - generally greek/roman, looks not unlike a toga party...
"Toga" - everyone must wear a toga

There is also always the potential for theme based games and prizes. It is too late to attempt a theme for the upcoming shindig on the 3rd. Perhaps we will explore the idea more for a party to be named this Summer. I hope that clears up any questions people may have had as to what a Themed party was.

I had other stuff to blog about, but I forgot what all at the moment. Zero called me and we managed to talk for almost one minute before he lost the signal. Maine must truly be a joy. And I'm surprised no one has mentioned the mutant four-eared cat in Germany yet...

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I think we can do some of the esier themes by our party - like the birds of a feather - i want to see lots of boas!


Themes are easy to throw together at the last moment. I say go for it! I love the whole roaring 20's idea. Flappers and gangsters...awesome.


wickkett, are you going to come?


Nope, sorry, as fun as they seem, I don't have shit for clothing of any era. I don't even own a suit or a suit jacket for that matter. I have a couple pairs of slacks, couple shirts, some nice ties that's about it. for regular clothes it's 2 pair of jeans, 2 pair of cargo's w/ zip away legs, and pretty much Polo's for shirts. though i might be able to pull off a grunge thing since i do own a flannel in which i can rip the sleaves of or something.

Vampire Party. They tend to get out of control, though. In a good way.

Dead Rock Stars.

I want to go to the Arkansas Playa's Ball.


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